Microsoft has increased the maximum size for files uploaded to OneDrive.

SDExplorer Advanced now lets you upload files as large as 10GB without splitting a file into chunks.


The sign-in issue has been fixed.


We are glad to announce that SDExplorer Advanced now supports 'Get a Link' functionality for a multiple items.

Also Background Uploader' issue with large files uploading have been fixed.


SDExplorer now retains original modified date when uploading files to SkyDrive.


The sign-in issues with some user accounts have been fixed.


The sign-in issues in Windows XP have been fixed. Please download and install the most recent build of the SDExplorer.


If you keep receiving error messages when you try to sign-in to SDExplorer, please check that new Microsoft two-step verification codes for the account are disabled.

Unfortunately, at this moment two-step Live Id verification is not supported by SDExplorer.


SDExplorer Advanced now supports streaming of audio and video files.

Now you don't need to wait for downloading entire multimedia file from SkyDrive.

You can listen to the music, audiobooks and even play video from your SkyDrive account whenever you want.

Just select the media file and open it!

Note: streaming is not supported by all multimedia files. Otherwise you need to download the file to the local drive before playing it.


The Shared with me Skydrive feature is available in SDExplorer Advanced! Now you can easily work with all folders and files, shared with you in a few clicks.

Please refer to this faq section for the details.


SDExplorer Advanced now supports Skydrive recycle bin!

Just browse to the 'Recycle Bin' special folder in SDExplorer and restore back your deleted folders and files to their original location with a double click!

This folder can be quickly found in SDExplorer by the familiar Windows Recycle Bin icon.


We received many requests from users of SDExplorer to add the column 'Date Created' for the Skydrive files.

So we are happy to share with you the new version of the SDExplorer with the added column. We hope you will enjoy our product!


SDExplorer Background Uploader now has built-in scheduler that allows you to manage upload speed based on time and day of week.


Today is the 1000th day since we started the SkyDrive Explorer project !

We have some good news in honor of this occasion. We announce price cut on all license types of the SDExplorer Advanced Edition.

Our customers who purchased the Single PC license in 2012 before 24th of May, will receive 2 additional activations absolutely for free.

But that's not all !

Advice your friend to use SDExplorer Advanced till the end of July 2012 and we will give you both extra license for free. All he/she needs to do is fill in your name into the "How did you hear about SDExplorer" field at the checkout page.


SDExplorer Background Uploader now allows to resolve filename conflicts during uploading to SkyDrive. Conflict resolution can be made in automatic or manual mode.

Please refer to the manual for details.


SDExplorer Base now allows you to upload files of up to 300 MB


The login issues have been fixed.

SDExplorer Advanced: New localization language was added: Polish


SDExplorer Advanced now includes some new features. The feature to quickly and easily switch between SkyDrive accounts in a few clicks and the option to limit upload bandwidth in Background Uploader have been added.


We are glad to announce that SDExplorer Advanced now supports thumbnail view in the Windows Explorer.

It is very useful for managing your various photo files in SDExplorer without having to open each file to view the picture.


The new 3.1 version of the SDExplorer Base has been released.

It includes:

- performance improvements

- fix for deleting files issue


SDExplorer Advanced now supports the new Skydrive sharing approach.


Only till the middle of January 2012, you can purchase SDExplorer Advanced with an amazing discount - just apply coupon code NEWYEAR2012 during checkout.


SDExplorer Advanced now supports all the latest significant changes in Windows Live SkyDrive, including file management and uploading improvements.


SDExplorer Advanced: Most of the commands were updated according to the latest Skydrive service changes.


SkyDrive service is being updated today. There are a lot improvements and changes.

We're working hard to provide you these updates in SDExplorer as soon as possible.

At this point, the speed of deleting files and folders was significantly increased in SDExplorer Advanced.

Please continue to monitor our website for the new releases of the SDExplorer.


The SDExplorer Advanced 3.5 has been released!

- Small handy Background Uploader Module

- SDExplorer Tune Up Tool

- Improved Multilingual User Interface (MUI) support

and much more...


The language pack has been updated. Fix some typos in Japanese translation.

The distribution now contains a small TuneUp tool for power users. There are some handy features for the Background Uploader Module.

Also, SDExplorer Advanced 3.5 now has improved Multilingual User Interface (MUI) support.

The Setup application, Background Uploader Module, TuneUp Tool, program messages, menus and dialogs are fully translated. Currently 5 MUI files (for English, Japanese, German, Russian and Spanish languages) are created. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you find some discrepancies in translation.

The MUI file format is open - so anyone can make their own MUI language file.


The 3.5 beta version of SDExplorer Advanced is available for downloading!

The key feature of this version - brand new Background Uploader Module.

It allows you to simply and fast upload your files to SkyDrive in the background.


The SDExplorer 3.0 Base Edition is available for downloading again!


Starting from build we have restored Windows Live Groups support and browsing of public folders and files of other SkyDrive users in the guest mode.


All the major SDExplorer Advanced functionality that was broken due the recent changes in Skydrive service has been restored. Windows Live Groups support is planned to be released soon.

The Base Edition will be available after the complete recovery of the SDExplorer Advanced functionality.


SkyDrive web interface has been changed recently, so SDExplorer has stopped working properly. We're working on this problem. Please, check our site for further news updates. Thank you for your patience.


The SDExplorer Advanced 3.5 Beta is coming soon. Totally new Background Uploader Module and much more. Do not miss this event!


"Open with" command for SDExplorer Advanced was added.


In New Year 2011 we have a bunch of great news for you! Probably the main event we can't wait to let you know about is the release of a new version of SDExplorer Advanced 3.0

The new version features faster work with large SkyDrive folders, and a set of small improvements, but more importantly - SDExplorer Advanced now supports Windows Live Groups! Now whenever you join with your relatives, friends and colleagues into groups, you receive a SkyDrive storage allocated for the entire group and can start using it right from the SDExplorer Advanced! You can read more about Windows Live Groups on the official site.

Additionally, we have extended the trial period for SDExplorer Advanced. Now you have more time to evaluate the vast functionality of SDExplorer Advanced Edition and consider buying a license.

Also, starting from the version SDExplorer Advanced 3.0 we have changed out Upgrade Policy. Now the period of free updates and new versions is limited to 1 year.

SDExplorer Pro Edition is not supported anymore, that is new versions aren't planned. The latest available version is

And the last but not the least news are: all our registered users of SDExplorer Pro Edition can get a license for the Advanced Edition absolutely free of charge! To do this, simply find a message from Avangate regarding the purchase of a license for SDExplorer Pro, find the order reference number there and use it as an activation code for SDExplorer Advanced. To learn how to activate SDExplorer, please refer here.


Around 2 months ago, we announced that we would no longer support mounting of SkyDrive folders as network drives, but would leave a possibility to work with them in SDExplorer.

We have recently decided to disable the module responsible for working with mounted drives by default.

Starting from version, SDExplorer will not officially support and work with mounted SkyDrive disks. This decision enabled us to boost the performance of the key features of SDExplorer and will allow us to add many more useful features in the future.

However, if you do need to work with mounted disks and you find the performance acceptable, you can enable this functionality using these instructions.
Please note that we assume no responsibility for the work of this program feature.

We are also glad to announce a new feature in SDExplorer Pro: you can now send your files and folders to SkyDrive with a single mouse click using the standard "Send To" command.


Feature list of the SDExplorer Pro has been changed.

Now, you can download entire folder content as a single .zip file. Also, if you have IE 7 or higher installed, you can edit any Live Office document in your default browser in a click.


Feature list of the SDExplorer Base has been changed.


Yellow leaves are all around us... Fall is a wonderful time of the year! Store displays are shining brightly with banners announcing discounts, promotions and sales. And we are not an exception. Only till the middle of September, you can purchase SDExplorer Pro with an amazing discount just apply coupon code AUTUMN2010 during checkout.


We are glad to announce that SDExplorer PRO now has a long-anticipated feature for resolving filename conflicts occurring during file uploads to SkyDrive. When an upload is initiated, SDExplorer will compile a list of files already uploaded to SkyDrive and you will be able to make a decision on every match. You will also be able to specify the default action the program will take for matching files when uploading selected folders - rewrite or skip.


SDExplorer PRO now has a new feature - browsing of public folders and files of other SkyDrive users in the guest mode. From now on, you will only need your friend's account ID or a sharing link to a public file/folder to enter these details in SDExplorer and start browsing the structure of his/her public folders, download and edit files.

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