What Are The Most Secure Cloud Storage Services?

Cloud storage has become one of the most popular ways to store, access, and share data remotely. But with so many options available in the market, it can be challenging to pick out the best secure cloud storage service. When there are so many cloud services.

Therefore, this article will share some of the leading options available and compare their security, privacy policy, encryption protocols, storage space, and other features. To pick out the best option for you, you will need to determine how much storage space is required and what level of online security is necessary.

You might want to consider additional features, such as zero-knowledge, file sharing, file synchronization, pricing, and uploading speed. We will cover everything in this in-depth review of secure cloud storage providers.

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The Best Secure Cloud Storage Providers

1) Pcloud

pcloud storage

Back in 2013, when I first heard about the most secure cloud, Pcloud, it sounded too good to be true. Because it offers secure backup storage features of top players like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive combined. I use it mainly for my photography workflow, so all my RAW files are automatically uploaded to the cloud.

Did you know that Dropbox compresses your files before uploading? The thing about compressing files is that it makes them harder to open and compromise on quality too. Pcloud, on the other hand, doesn’t compress your files; therefore, they are intact when you download them.

You can upload any file with Pcloud Drive using the web interface, mobile app, and desktop. PCloud gives only 10 GB of free cloud storage which is enough for home use, but not so much if you’re a big content creator.

Security and privacy policy of PCloud

Security of Pcloud is much tight whether it is on the client-side or server-side with zero-knowledge encryption. Each file on the Pcloud server is encrypted with AES-256 bit before it leaves your device using an HTTPS certificate. Furthermore, it also allows you to use your private own encryption keys to encrypt and descript data.

PCloud has a strict privacy policy, which means you never have to worry about the company accessing or using your data without your explicit consent. Also, it doesn’t share your personal information and hosted data with third parties except when compelled by law for legal purposes.

Pcloud premium plan

pcloud pricing plan

With Pcloud, you will never have to worry about paying monthly or annual charges because Pcloud offers a lifetime subscription. Pcloud Premium cloud storage plans give a lifetime subscription with 500GB Storage plus secure file sharing for $175. While Premium plus tier provides 2TB storage is $350. So, Pcloud is an excellent cloud storage solution at an affordable price.

2) Mega

mega cloud storage

If you’re looking for the best cloud storage solutions for your files, pictures, and videos to store in secure cloud storage, then Mega is the perfect solution. There is no limit on how big size file you’re uploading on your account with Mega service. Whether it is 1 GB of photos or 5 TB of a video file, its secure cloud server can handle it.

Mega is an affordable and secure alternative to other top expensive online storage platforms, which offer 50GB of free cloud storage space before charging steep monthly fees. This amount of free storage is much higher than other top competitors in the industry like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive that only provide 2GB to 15GB storage.

Mega Cloud offers an intuitive web interface that makes uploading and downloading information as easy as possible, with fast uploads/downloads without any downtime.

Security and Privacy Policy of Mega Cloud storage

Mega exclusive cloud storage is the best option for people who want to store data in a secure place. Mega encrypts your files on the client-side using a 128-bit AES encryption algorithm and securely transfers them to their server.

Furthermore, it also allows encrypting files using your own encryption key. Like other, cloud storage services, mega is a privacy focus cloud storage provider that works with zero-knowledge encryption. That means it cannot access a hosted file on its server. Also, don’t sell your data to other marketing companies.

Pricing of Mega

mega cloud storage pricing

The Mega cloud offered plans are much competitive with the market prices. This means premium cloud storage packages are very affordable, and the monthly payments are manageable for small businesses and individual persons.

For example, Mega offers four different plans. The prices for storage plans start at € 4.99 ($ 5.5) per month and go up to € 29.99 ($ 16.7) per month. A free storage program offers 50GB worth of space, but that is limited to one device only. The monthly price of € 4.99 subscription allows you to storage 400GB of storage space.

The €9.99 package allows storage of 2TB and 2TB bandwidth. At the same time, Pro 3 plans give 8GB space and 8GB bandwidth per month for €19.99. Furthermore, Pro III comes with 16GB memory and 16GB bandwidth for 29.99$ monthly.

Plus, all plans provide other excellent features, including solid security, auto-automatic backup feature, Snape shot of older version, secure communication, etc. Price, security, privacy policy, just think Mega as your own personal cloud storage.

3) IceDrive

icedrive cloud storage

IceDrive is another top secure cloud storage service that allows you to store your data securely online. It not only allows you to keep your data online, but it also provides the user with a lot of security and peace of mind. Security, interface, sharing features, cross-platform functionally, file syncing, everything is perfectly balanced in IDrive.

Security and Privacy policy of IceDrive

The data is stored on their servers in encrypted form with solid security algorithms. So you know your files will be safe and secure. Probably, IceDrive is the only cloud storage in a market that used the Twofish Encryption technique to encrypt data.

Twofish Encryption is the highest industry-standard encryption protocol. And it can be used as a component to build a complete encryption system, or it can be used as a standalone algorithm for data security. e. So it’s no surprise that IceDrive provides users with an option to have their data encrypted using the robust and secure Twofish block cipher.

IceDrive also has built-in client-side encryption, making it possible to transfer data to a server securely without any security leakage on the client-side. Everything will be automatically encrypted with robust encryption algorithms – Twofish Encryption, AES 256-bit encryption, and HTTPS secure communication channels.

When you upload files on IceDrive, they are encrypted end-to-end before it leaves your host machine. This means that the data is only decrypted when it reaches on IceDrive secure cloud storage servers; no other eyes can see your information while it’s in transit.

Most, importantly the Zero-Knowledge encryption feature is excellent. This means IceDrive does not know the meaning of your data. Once you upload a file onto their servers, they encrypt it and forget about it. This is the kind of peace of mind if you’re looking for the best secure cloud storage.

The privacy policy of Icedrive is excellent that only collects required user data, for example, name, email. And it does not sell your private data to any other third-party service that is great.

 Pricing of IceDrive

icedrive cloud storage pricing

The pricing of the IceDrive cloud storage service starts from the LITE plan that gives 150GB storage is $1.67 per month. PRO subscription is extended with 1TB space for $4.17 per month. And Pro plus has 5TB online storage $15.00 /month.

So if you’re looking for a very cost-effective and easy to set up a secure cloud storage solution, then this is your best bet. The pricing is very competitive and affordable, and it makes it an acceptable offer for customers who want to store their data securely online without spending too much money. IDrive also provides 10GB of free storage.

4) Sync.com

sync cloud storage

Sync.com is a top secure cloud storage service that provides safe and reliable backup, restore, and syncing for computers and mobile devices. And unbreakable data security. The company has used the latest technology and software to develop a perfect data security service that can help you store your files in a secure place, sync them across all your devices and computers automatically and keep the data safe and secure.

Sync.com also offers an excellent file sharing feature to share your files with other people in an organized, secured manner. One of the most important features that sets Sync.com apart from the competition is the high standard encryption.

The encryption ensures that all your data is secure and private, and no one can read or view it unless you give them the password and username for the account. Sync.com supports all major mobile devices, including Android and iOS phones and tablets, other popular operating systems, desktop operating systems like Windows 10, macOS High Sierra, and different versions of Linux.

Security and Privacy Policy

Sync.com used 2048 bit RSA and 256 bit AES encryption that is considered a high-standard security protocol. The good thing about Sync.com is that it does not use third-party tracking, which means they are not keeping track of your data. It also means that the company does not have access to your files. They can only access or see anything if you share your information with them, which is entirely up to you.

More importantly, Sync.com offers PIPEDA compliance which means they have been certified as compliant with Canadian privacy legislation, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

This means that they will never share any personal information about their customers without obtaining consent from the customer unless required by law. Furthermore, Canadian data centers are the best privacy focus locations.

Pricing of Sync

sync cloud storage pricing

The paid plan for Sync.com accounts starts at $5 per month for 1TB of storage space and goes up to 6TB 20$ per month. Users can also choose the plan that supports unlimited storage for $15 / user/month. There are lots of other great features that Sync.com provides. Without, any thinking Sync is the most secure cloud storage.

5) SpiderOak One

SpiderOak One is a secure and best cloud storage provider that you can use to backup your data. The software is available as a Windows, Mac, or Linux application. SpiderOak One provides an extensive file versioning system so that if there’s ever a conflict with a file, you’ll have access to all the previous versions as well as the latest one.

I’ve been using SpiderOak One for the past few days, and after testing several backup systems, I must say that it is one of the best ones out there. The software does offer not only great functionality but also provides high scalability.

You can use it to back up your home directories or even create an enterprise-level storage system with custom management policies. When you store files in SpiderOak, they are securely encrypted so that nobody else can read them.

Pricing of SpiderOak

SpiderOak One offers four different plans for customers – 150 GB plan for 6$ per month, 400 GB for 11$, 2TB for 14$, and 5GB storage 29$ per month. And each subscription supports an unlimited number of devices.

Features to look before picking cloud storage


Security is one of the first things to check when it comes to secure cloud storage. So your files are fully encrypted on the server. The server and your device combine their efforts to ensure all data is encrypted and decrypted as efficiently as possible.

This means that there is a possibility for an unauthorized person somewhere down the network path to see some of your files. So security is essential to check before picking the best cloud storage service. You must check what types of security encryption protocols they’re offering like does service support end-to-end encryption and what types of encryption algorithms they’re using to encrypt data.

Another thing you need to check is that they’re offering separate private encryption keys that are necessary for decrypting your files store in the cloud that enhance a more security layer of online backup.

Because only you can read and access files with a key. Hence, if somebody else manages to steal this key from you or otherwise obtains it, they will be able to read everything you have stored in the cloud storage provider.

Another most critical steps to keep your files secure is using unique, strong password protection for each service you sign up with and choosing a different password. This way, if someone gains access to that password, they will not access any of your other accounts. One other thing you can do is enable two-factor authentication in case your username and passwords are compromised somehow.

There are various methods for authenticating and verifying identities, and they include:

Tokens or One-time codes: Using tokens will generate a random number for each login, and this number frequently changes (sometimes every minute). This will make it more difficult for unauthorized people to access your account since they would not know the exact code, which might differ from one login attempt to another.

Biometric identification: This method can include a fingerprint scan. The advantage of this type of authentication is that it cannot be stolen or hacked, unlike passwords which we tend to write down or reuse on different websites or services.

Since some cloud storage providers offer more security than others, you need to research how the provider protects your information and if they comply with various international standards before deciding on the exemplary service for you.

Privacy Policy of Cloud Storage

When you’re going to sign up for one of the cloud storage providers, it is most important to read their privacy policy and then decide if that aligns with your preferences. For example, what information they’re collecting? Do they’re selling certain information about you to other companies or organizations without your permission? Or provide access to security agencies.

It is also a good idea to find out what kind of information they retain for themselves or delete after a certain amount of time. For example, does the provider hold on to your personal data indefinitely or until you ask them to delete it? And where their data centers are located.


rob bwSM
Ask Rob!
Which cloud service is best for privacy? And which cloud is the most secure?

For organizations with sensitive data to store, point of sale, and back-end payment systems, the cloud is the securest choice. Pcloud stores files in data center around the world for redundancy and end customer file transactions every minute.
This means every backup is checked and continuously verified for consistency; even they store a copy of your backups in a different geographical location than your main on-site data center.

With privately encrypted storage at multiple locations, you can rest assured that your business can be rebuilt on new equipment or software, knowing that your backups are safe – always available, never lost!

Is cloud storage 100% secure?

Yes, it is 100% secure. Cloud storage should be considered safer for backup than the alternative because cloud companies provide features rich backup systems. And most cloud providers are excellent in security.

That offers high standard protection by using multi-layered access controls for firewalls and proxy configurations; encryption system such as 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layers); two-factor authorization such as Dual Authentication Scheme and other robust encryption protocols. On other hand, on local storage, you define your own security and privacy protocols.

Which cloud service is best for privacy?

Without any doubt and concern, Sync.com is the best cloud storage in terms of a privacy policy that complies with PIPE.

Can clouds be hacked?

Yes. The current fear around the IoT revolution is that hackers will break into “unsecure” third-party cloud storage providers and then use them as a gateway to hacking into sensitive data back-end servers hosted by third parties.

Clouds are just another type of networked device, one with virtually unlimited bandwidth and storage capacity, which means if someone can find your unsecured cloud server, they can easily exploit it for wicked purposes. Any home user who is using unsecured wireless network risks is a primary target of a hacker. 

How Safe Is Microsoft OneDrive?

Microsoft’s security and privacy policy is simple; it keeps all the information you upload to OneDrive private and doesn’t share it with anyone.

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