According to Anonymous: VPNBook Is A BIG FAT Honeypot

Hactivist group Anonymous have actually implicated the complimentary VPN service VPNBook of turning over logs connecting to Anonymous member’s activities to the authorities.

Naturally, if the allegation is not real (or it does not fret you), then all these functions available free of charge might make VPNBook worth taking a look at …

VPNBook states the service is supported through marketing, however it does appear unexpected that they can provide 2 servers in Europe, and server each in the UK and United States utilizing OpenVPN file encryption on this design.

“Logs from and have actually appeared in the court discoveries and indictments of some Anons dealing with prosecution for their participation in #Anonymous activities. Do not utilize these services. ”

While we have no concept whether this allegation holds true, the VPN service run by Romanian Infrastructure company Voxility does appear to provide a suspiciously feature-full bundle considered that it charges absolutely nothing, while boasting of high speeds, OpenVPN and PPTP methods with 256-bit or 128-bit AES file encryption, no bandwidth limitations, no constraints on exactly what the service can be made use of for (i.e. P2P), which logs are disposed of weekly (which just the IP address and time the line is made are logged, not users’ activities).


Rob Boirun

Rob Boirun

Staring in the storage industry in 1999, I worked for a DVD Burning API company that provided the burning engine for iTunes and other burning software. Today my love for all types of storage is being displayed here.

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