5 Best Cloud Backup for Synology NAS – 2023 Review & Buyer Guide

As more businesses and individuals rely on network-attached storage (NAS) devices to store their data, reliable backup solutions have become increasingly important. One of the best ways to protect your valuable data is by implementing a cloud backup solution for your Synology NAS.

At its core, a cloud backup solution for Synology NAS involves backing up your data to a remote server over the internet. This provides an additional layer of redundancy that can be crucial in the event of hardware failure, natural disasters, or other unforeseen circumstances.

This article will explore the benefits of cloud backup for Synology NAS and provide a step-by-step guide to setting up a cloud backup solution. I’ll also address some common questions and concerns about cloud backup solutions.

But taking backup of NAS devices is a nightmare because you need a lot of storage space that will make a big hole in your budget. But there is another more affordable solution which is cloud backup services.

Cloud backup for NAS devices is a must for any Synology user. Because the amount of data that can be stored on these devices is far too significant to rely solely on the internal hard drive, it’s unsafe to depend on just one backup. For both reasons, cloud backup service should be an essential part of your Synology setup.

If you’re using a Synology NAS, it’s essential to have a backup plan to protect your data from potential loss or corruption.

Setting Up a Cloud Backup Solution for Synology NAS

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Choose a cloud backup provider: There are many cloud backup providers, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. See my quick reviews of the best ones below this section.
  2. Install the backup application on your Synology NAS: Most cloud backup providers offer an application that you can install on your Synology NAS. Follow the provider’s instructions to install the application.
  3. Configure the backup application: Once installed, you must configure it to back up your data to the cloud. This will typically involve setting up a backup schedule, selecting the files or folders to be backed up, and setting up any encryption or compression options.
  4. Monitor your backups: Once your backups are set up, monitoring them regularly is essential to ensure that they are running as expected. Most backup applications will provide a dashboard that shows the status of your backups and any errors or warnings that need attention.
  5. Test your backups: It’s also important to periodically test them to ensure they work correctly. This can be done by restoring a few files from your backup and verifying they are intact and accessible.

Cloud Backup Provider Reviews for Synology NAS

 1) Backblaze for Synology

Best Cloud backup solutions pricing

Backblaze is the most popular backup service for NAS devices. It is a cloud storage company that can automatically back up any device, including external hard drives, desktops, laptops, and now Synology NAS devices.

This means you can save entire NAS data or memories from your camera or phone to the cloud server and never worry about running out of space on your device again! Which means freeing yourself from the shackles of space limitations!

Backblaze is the best cloud backup solution for NAS devices because it’s reliable and easy to use. With just a few clicks, your entire NAS device can be backed up quickly! Plus, it offers unlimited storage plans, so you never have to worry about running out of space; it does not matter how much data you have on the NAS Synology setup. And if you need to restore your data, it’s as easy as a few clicks in the Backblaze interface.

So if you’re looking for a reliable, cheap, and easy-to-use best cloud backup for Synology, check out Backblaze! Their cloud storage service is perfect for backing up NAS devices, and their pricing is unbeatable; there is no further need to look other than it. You can’t go wrong with Backblaze!

Backblaze offers unlimited storage plans for Synology backup. You can choose from a monthly or annual subscription or select two years of the program with a reasonable discount rate, each with an initial 15-day free trial.

The monthly subsection gives unlimited storage at 7$ per month. At the same time, you can save up to 14$ if you go with an annual plan. Furthermore, with two years of subscription, it is available for 130$ (saving 38$). However, Backblaze charges are based on the number of devices.

2) IDrive

idrive cloud backup

The IDrive backup for Synology NAS is an excellent way to protect your data. The Synology Backup App by IDrive is easy to use and installed on your computer in just a few minutes.

With the help of this app, you can back up your Synology device automatically or manually on the online storage. It is an excellent feature for NAS users, especially if you travel a lot and need to access your files from another location.

Furthermore, the Idrive cloud sync backup feature allows you to sync your files between your computer and Synology NAS. This is a great way to keep your files up to date. You can also share your files with anyone. One of the best features I like most in IDrive is its user-friendly interface.

The app is easy to use, simplifying the backup process from NAS devices. The backup service is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices and can back up files, folders, drives, and NAS devices from any device.  Another thing that I like about IDrive is its pricing.

The IDrive cloud backup solution for NAS devices is very affordable, and it gives you 4TB storage space for 60$ per year, even cheaper than Backblaze. Overall, I’m very impressed with IDrive.

It’s an excellent online backup service, and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a reliable way to back up their NAS files on a top-rated cloud service. However, Idrive does not provide unlimited storage.


HIDRIVE is the best cloud backup for Synology

HIDRIVE is the best cloud backup for Synology that ensures you never lose your files and memories by backing up your data in the cloud. It also lets you sync your important files across devices and share folders with other HIDRIVE users.

With DRIVE, you can access files from anywhere using your computer or even from a smartphone with the help of an internet connection. And with the collaboration feature, you can easily share folders with other users and collaborate on projects.

The Collaborate feature makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page by allowing you to track who is working on what and sharing files and comments in real-time. The DRIVE document scanning feature makes scanning your important files easy and saving them in the cloud.

You can scan documents, receipts, and photos using your phone or computer. The scanned files are automatically backed up in the cloud and accessed from anywhere using any device. Furthermore, HIDRIVE has one of the industry’s most secure and private policy focus services.

This means it offers robust security and excellent privacy and does not store any of your personal or confidential information on its servers. And your files are encrypted in transit and at rest to provide maximum protection when using HIDRIVE.

DRIVE offers four different premium packages to suit your needs that are affordable for every user. The basic package is perfect for individual users with up to 100GB of storage for just 1$ per month.

But if 100GB of storage is not enough for you, then the essential package is what you need. With a plan, you can get 250GB of storage space, including support for three users and 2-factor authentication.

The business package is ideal for NAS users who want to store more than 1TB of data. At the same time, the pro subscription comes with more than 2TB of storage space plus additional security features to make your data more secure.

4) ElephantDrive 


 The ElephantDrive cloud backup service is a great way to back up your NAS data. The main features that impressed me were its interface and the speed of the service. ElephantDrive offers a direct backup option from NAS devices, which makes backing up your data quick and easy.

You can back up your photos, videos, music, and documents directly from your NAS device to the cloud. This means that you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure and that you can access it from anywhere in the world.

The ElephantDrive’s Syncing feature is excellent. This means that your data will automatically be updated from any device or computer in a cloud server. This is an outstanding feature if you don’t want to update your data manually.

One of the great features of ElephantDrive is its File Link Sharing option. This feature allows you to share many files with your friends and family. It also provides a link to view, edit or download the file. You can also set the link’s validity after it expires or even protect it with a password.

If you’ve ever deleted a file accidentally and then you want to recover it back, ElephantDrive can help. The software offers an excellent file recovery feature, so you can quickly recover deleted files. This feature is a lifesaver to recover accidentally deleted files. It’s quick, easy, and convenient to use.

What about its Security? Does it offer a secure service? ElephantDrive is a fast cloud backup service that uses AES 256 and 128-bit SSL encryption to protect your data. Their secure infrastructure ensures that your data is always safe and secure while uploading, downloading, and even when it is stored on the server. However, ElephantDrive does not offer two-factor authentication that provides an extra layer of security.

ElephantDrive offers two pricing plans to suit your needs. Their home plan allows you to store up to 1TB of data for 10$ per month with up to 10 devices support. In contrast, their business plan costs 20/month and allows you to store up to 1000 GB of data plus support for up to 25 devices.

I highly recommend the ElephantDrive cloud backup service for anyone who wants to safely and securely back up their data. The software interface is much easier to use, and the speed is excellent. I am very impressed with the quality of the service and would recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable cloud backup solution.

5) Carbonite

carbonite Nas Backup

Carbonite Nas Backup is another excellent cloud-based storage service that helps businesses protect their data. Its Nas Backup can back up files, folders, and drives with just a few clicks. The service is popular with users who wish to back up their data but also with NAS users who need various backup solutions.

Carbonite offers unlimited backup with no restrictions on the quantity of backed-up data. It provides automatic backup that uploads an up-to-date new file to a cloud server. This service also makes it possible to start a backup anytime, whereas most other services require you to schedule backups ahead of time, which can be inconvenient.

It does not matter which types of data files you’re uploading on its server. Its backup services support all kinds of files, including documents, photos, music files, video files, and applications. Even it allows you to take a backup from the external hard drive.

The service encrypts your data before it’s uploaded to the cloud, making it difficult for anyone to access it without authorization. In addition, Carbonite offers two-factor authentication, which makes your account more secure. This service is vital for businesses that want to keep their data safe and secure.

Carbonite offers a variety of pricing plans, so there is a plan for every user. The essential Backup Plan starts at 4$ per month for unlimited storage–relatively affordable for most users who don’t want to pay much. The Plus Backup Plan starts at $6 per month, which makes it considerably cheaper than most other providers.

This subscription also supports backup from an external hard drive, video backup, and premium virus protection. Additionally, by spending some more bucks, you can get a currier hard drive backup service by paying 7.50/month.

Why Backup is Essential for Synology NAS

A Synology NAS is a network-attached storage device that allows you to store and share files, access media, and run applications. It is a versatile and robust platform for both personal and professional use. However, even the most reliable storage systems can suffer from hardware failures, human errors, malware attacks, or natural disasters. Without a proper backup solution, you risk losing your critical data, which can have severe consequences for your work or personal life.

Cloud Backup for Synology NAS – Benefits and Drawbacks

Cloud backup is a popular and convenient solution for backing up your Synology NAS data. It involves uploading your files to a remote server or data center, where they are stored and protected by the cloud provider. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of cloud backup for Synology NAS.


  1. Automatic and continuous backup: Cloud backup solutions can be set up to run automatically, so you don’t have to remember to back up your data regularly. They can also perform incremental backups, which only upload the changed or new files, thus reducing the backup time and bandwidth usage.
  2. Off-site storage: Cloud backup stores your data remotely, meaning your files are safe from local disasters or theft. You can also access your data from anywhere with an internet connection, which is helpful for remote work or collaboration.
  3. Scalability: Cloud backup solutions can scale up or down based on your storage needs without requiring additional hardware or maintenance.
  4. Security and privacy: Cloud backup providers use advanced encryption and security measures to protect your data from unauthorized access or theft. They also comply with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR or HIPAA.


  1. Cost: Cloud backup solutions typically charge a monthly or yearly fee based on your storage usage, which can add up over time. Some providers also charge for data retrieval or download, which can be expensive in case of large data sets.
  2. Internet speed and bandwidth: Uploading large files or data sets to the cloud can take significant time and bandwidth, especially if you have a slow or limited internet connection.
  3. Dependency on the provider: Cloud backup solutions require you to trust the provider with your data and rely on their availability and performance. If the provider goes out of business, changes its pricing or policies, or suffers a security breach, your data may be at risk.
  4. Data transfer limits: Some cloud backup providers impose transfer limits or caps, affecting your ability to back up or restore large amounts of data.

FAQs on Best cloud backup for Synology

Can Synology backup to OneDrive?

No. Synology will not backup to OneDrive by default, but there are many ways of enabling this functionality.

What is Synology hyper backup?

Synology Hyper Backup is a system backup software from Synology. It’s been designed to provide a flexible workflow that favors performance over configuration, making it quick and straightforward to create backups. It can back up your ten most recent backups automatically or manually at an interval of your choice.

How much does cloud backup for Synology NAS cost?

The cost of cloud backup for Synology NAS varies depending on the backup service you choose and the amount of data you need to backup. Most backup services offer pay-as-you-go plans that allow you to pay only for the storage you use.

What is the difference between cloud backup and cloud sync for Synology NAS?

While cloud backup and cloud sync both involve storing data in the cloud, there is a key difference between the two. Cloud backup is typically used for creating a secondary copy of your data, which can be used to recover lost or damaged files. On the other hand, cloud sync is used to synchronize files across multiple devices and locations and is typically used for collaboration and file sharing.

Can I use multiple cloud backup providers with Synology NAS?

Yes, Synology NAS supports many cloud backup providers, so you can choose the one that best meets your needs. Some popular options include Amazon S3, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

How long does it take to backup data to the cloud with Synology NAS?

The time it takes to backup data to the cloud with Synology NAS will depend on various factors, including the amount of data being backed up, the speed of your internet connection, and the specific cloud backup provider you are using. In general, it is best to schedule backups during periods of low network activity to ensure that they complete on time.

Is it safe to store my data in the cloud with Synology NAS?

es, as long as you choose a reputable cloud backup provider and take steps to secure your data, cloud backup can be a safe and effective way to protect your files. Synology NAS offers a variety of built-in security features, including data encryption and two-factor authentication, to help keep your data secure.

What should I do if I accidentally delete a file from my Synology NAS?

If you accidentally delete a file from your Synology NAS, you may be able to recover it using your cloud backup. Simply log into your cloud backup provider and locate the file in question, then download it back to your local storage. It is important to note, however, that some cloud backup providers may only retain deleted files for a limited period, so it is best to act quickly if you need to recover a file.

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