6 Best Cloud backup solutions for small business

Every business wants to have a backup so that it is always available for use even if the device crashes or any other problem occurs. But a business backup solution must be reliable and should not take too much effort so that it may not disturb your work in any way.

You must be wondering what reasonable backup solutions are for your business as you don’t monitor them all the time. A simple internet connection at home or office is enough for hackers to access your data and use it without leaving any trace of their work.

Therefore, this article brings you some best cloud backup solutions for small businesses that are secure, affordable, and scalable and offer many other excellent cloud backup features.

Why cloud backup services are better than an external drive for backup

It is most important to back up your data correctly because you have no idea when data will be stolen or lost for any other reason. Local storage and cloud storage are the most common ways to create an archive of files. But using a local hard disk such as an external hard drive is not much reliable, scalable, cost-effective, and secure for backup.

Thus, you can get rid of these issues by using industry-leading cloud backup service for backup and restoring the data online anywhere, anytime.

Cloud storage is the newest way to back up your files. You can access your files from anywhere, at any time, in the same file structure you use when you are in your office. The best part about cloud backup is that it takes care of backing up for you automatically.

Once it’s set up, all data backs itself up without any effort on your part. During backup failure, you get an email letting you know that files haven’t been backed up successfully. However, if you lose internet connectivity for any reason, cloud storage won’t work. In others words, no internet connection, no access to data.

Here we have the best cloud backup services that offer excellent features, good storage capacity at affordable prices.

Best Cloud backup solutions for small business

1) Idrive for Small Business

idrive cloud backup

IDrive takes the top place in the list of top 10 best cloud backup solutions for small businesses. That offers multiple features, including a real-time remote backup process, strong private encryption, zero hardware failure rate, native mobile app support, and smart bandwidth utilization.

The program can automatically determine which files need to be moved or deleted so new data will not overwrite them. It also provides 256-bit encryption, which is the highest security protocol to encrypt data.

Small businesses have widely used IDrive as a crucial backup solution. This is because IDrive offers reasonable prices and provides high-quality backup service with no technical issues, which often trouble business owners. In addition to cloud backup, IDrive also provides customer PCs with onsite support through IDrive Express.

This small appliance connects to an external hard drive and needs to be installed on the customer’s site. It provides offsite backup and allows customers to choose the time and day they wish for their data to be transferred securely if the data size is enormous.

Idrive Pricing

idrive pricing plans

IDrive is a top choice cloud backup service among small businesses due to its affordable price, feature-rich data protection security, and superb customer service. IDrive storage plan is $4.99/month for 5TB, and with $74.62 per year, you will get 5TB plus 10 devices support.

On the other hand, you can store 250GB of data with the same pricing that additionally supports multiple devices and users. The most significant benefit of using IDrive is that you can save your files in original quality, and you don’t need to worry about data deletion.

Although Idrive is a perfect cloud backup solution in every aspect, each service comes with some limitations. The same goes with Idrive, like some minor negative things that need to be improved. For example, you cannot change the backup of files or folder names.

Also, if you want to restore data, it does not support restoring in the same folder. Furthermore, it does not allow the transfer of files within the same directory. However, still, Idrive is a great solution for business and is well best to store your personal data.

2) Backblaze Cloud Backup Solution

Best Cloud backup solutions for small business

Backblaze is the ultimate solution that offers all kinds of data protection in just about any environment. It works across your entire network, for example, branch sites and remote offices.

More than 500,000 customers trust Backblaze cloud backup service for small businesses to protect their most important assets. There is no need to buy new hardware, download, and install software – Backblaze cloud storage can be set up in minutes.

Backblaze is the only backup service that offers application-aware, non-proprietary image backups to Amazon S3 and Glacier storage. This means fast restoring your Exchange mailboxes, SQL databases, and SharePoint farms, drastically reducing recovery time objectives.

Backblaze cloud backup service lets you automate your backups with just a few clicks of a button through the intuitive, web-based UI. You can set up daily or weekly snapshots of files, folders, and VM images on demand or configure recurring schedules for ultra-efficient data protection.

Furthermore, it provides full support for VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and XenServer. Backups are stored as .vmdk files that can be mounted to ESX servers using Backblaze web interfaces so you can recover individual files on the fly with instant access.

Price of Backblaze backup plan

Best Cloud backup solutions pricing

Backblaze backup solutions are straightforward and affordable. The monthly plan starts at $7 with unlimited storage. So individuals and small businesses can easily afford a backup. But there is some downside of Backblaze like it does not support syncing. And also, there is no file explorer option to find files quickly.

3) Crashplan

crashplan cloud backup service

Crashplan offers the best features in the industry. You can retrieve any lost or deleted data, prevent ransomware attacks with agentless file-level security, and get unlimited storage capacity for only $10 per month.

It offers a highly encrypted data transfer channel while retaining its rich features of cross-platform compatibility, making the Crashplan one of the best cloud backup solutions for small businesses.

Crashplan ensures your data is safe and secure with its zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption. You can keep all of your files and folders on your device and backup them to the cloud using the Crashplan desktop client or mobile app.

You can sync and share data in real time between your desktop, laptop, and mobile devices with the availability of unlimited bandwidth. The automatic backup feature ensures that your data is safe and secure with its AES 128 bit encryption.

Just like Backblaze, even in CrashPlan, you can schedule your automatic backups according to your requirement, i.e. hourly, daily, or weekly. It also allows setting an upload throttle between 1Mbps to 20 Mbps depending on your connection speed.

Furthermore, you can keep your data intact with its versioning feature, i.e. all the previous versions of a file or a folder are retained in its cloud backup so that you can restore it any time according to your need and convenience. This way, you will have access to all the previous data without compromising on the existing data.

Crashplan data protection feature is higher standards. This ensures that your data is safe and secure with its agentless file-level security, which does not require client software installed on the devices you want to backup. You can access, share and protect all your files from anywhere at any time with Crashplan.

Crashplan pricing

crashplan backup pricing

The best thing about CrashPlan is that it offers unlimited storage at a much lower price which is almost affordable for small businesses. You can sign up for 30days for free, and the pricing starts from $10 per month for unlimited storage.

So, if you store extensive data and don’t have a good budget to afford the expensive backup plan. Then there is no better backup solution than CrashPlan, as you get everything under one roof and at an affordable price.

Crashplan also offers a desktop app for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android applications, which you can install on all your devices to keep them synced with each other. So if you need a reliable yet economical solution, then CrashPlan is the way to go without any second thoughts.

However, file sharing is not much better than requiring little advancement. Also, it only supports a single device. So you have to upgrade to another device.

4) Solarwind


Solarwind offers an excellent way to protect your data. It provides real-time protection even on mobile devices, completes the inventory of all backup files, which is very easy to restore and has automatic cloud storage that can customize

You can take Backup of all your files with a click of a button, and it starts syncing across the devices to always have the latest version with Solarwind. This backup software will protect your data and other essential things.

It has multi-platform support, complete SSL encryption, no limit of bandwidth, free 30 days trial, simple and easy setup, and automatic backup. So you do not have to worry about anything.

Solarwind pricing of backup

solarwinds pricing

Software is affordable and has a free trial period of 3O days. After thirty days, you can buy the cloud backup software at low prices, so it does not affect your business budget.

5) Altaro

altaro cloud backup service

Altaro is an effective way to backup your data. It provides excellent features for backing up the data of small businesses. Then it keeps everything secure with enhanced security measures against ransomware and other threats.

It offers good online storage at an affordable price to secure all your data. It provides an easy-to-use and powerful web-based management user interface for simple installation and day-to-day administration of the backup solution.

Altaro provides a simple way to protect your Exchange Online data by managing, tracking, and reporting on the status of Office 365 backups.

Furthermore, it provides a complete backup solution for physical devices and virtual machines. With, a wide range of different features with support for both server and Hyper-V-based Windows environments.

Altaro backup pricing

altaro cloud storage pricing

It starts from $579  per year for ten users with unlimited VMs. It is cost-effective and offers the most features, which makes it ideal for a large business owner. Their cloud backup solution works on both physical and virtual servers or any combination of both. Altaro also gives a free trial account for 30 days.

6) Carbonite

carbonite cloud storage

Carbonite is the top backup solution and the best way to ensure that you never lose access to important files or projects again. This solution can be installed on all of your devices, guaranteeing protection against viruses and malware, providing access to documents directly from your mobile device, and even letting you back up external hard disks automatically.

Carbonite is the best backup solution for small businesses because it safeguards essential documents and data without costing too much money. Carbonite offers a simple setup and efficient data protection against viruses, malware, ransomware, and accidental deletion.

Its mobile app allows users to access any document from anywhere when they need it most. Finally, Carbonite can be installed on all kinds of devices, so there’s no need to install a backup on every device you own.

Carbonite pricing

carbonite pricing

Basic plan

The basic plan starts from $49 per year, and it will ease your mind because you do not have to worry about losing important work or family pictures ever again. With Carbonite, you never have to worry about your computer crashing or hard drive failing either.

Carbonite plus plan

The plus plan starts from $$71.99/year per year, and it stores unlimited data. It means that you can store as much data as you want to without worrying about paying more for an increased amount of storage. You can also access your files anytime, anywhere on any device, including Windows, Mac, or smartphone devices.

Carbonite Prime plan pricing

The prime plan starts at $89.99 a year for home users and small business owners.

Cloud backup solutions FAQs

What is the best backup solution for a small business?

If you need long-term backups for all your files, photos, videos, and more, IDrive cloud backup is the best option among many others cloud backup services.

Upload anything to the service, and it will be secured in one of their many data centers located around the world. Having high-speed internet access has never been so crucial as every byte transferred is securely encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption.

Idrive cloud backup provides excellent features following its $69.50 per year charge, including mirroring mode, which backs up what’s on your personal computer to keep an updated copy of everything. No monthly fee until you want it.

There is added protection with file version history that maintains past versions for 30 days before replacing them with new backups; one-touch restore lets you delete or recover data quickly.

How do I backup my small business data?

Cloud storage is an excellent option for most small businesses and often provides a better alternative to onsite storage. Cloud providers offer backup from the second data uploaded wherever it may be stored locally onto their system.

The availability of cloud-based data backup may be appealing to someone running a business with the idea that if the computer crashes, they have an archive in their account for safekeeping.

What’s more, communication with the internet via cellular/wireless connection or broadband wire means that one is always connected, even when operating on battery power. However, this convenience does come with some drawbacks when backing up small business data in particular.

When appropriately done with backup in an offsite location or cloud provider if available, local storage can also work well for many small businesses that have specific needs.

How Much Does cloud backup cost?

Cloud backup is an excellent choice for backing up data. It’s essential to consider cost, as it can vary significantly depending on file size and the number of gigabytes backed up.

The cost of the cloud increase with volumes of data stored on the server plus additional others features. As a first step, see if your data needs are met by the free tier.

Otherwise, goes for paid backup services. Most services’ prices start from $5 per month and go with storage capacity and other features.

What is the most secure cloud backup?

The most secure cloud backup is Idrive. It provides privacy with the zero-knowledge policy and encryption of your data using your own private key. To access your files, you have to decrypt them with a password that is known only to you.

It means neither Idrive nor anyone else can access them without your password. It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Android platforms. You can back up not only your files but also Windows applications like Outlook, for example.

Is OneDrive a backup solution?

Microsoft OneDrive does not include built-in backup functionality, nor is the service explicitly designed to store backup like others provide built-in tools.

What is the best way to backup your computer?

Backing up computer data is the most important thing to keep your mind in peace.
There are three ways you can back up your files:
External Hard Drive – this device will require software to install on your personal computers to access the shared hard drive connected by USB.

Cloud Storage – These services offer storage and charge per GB monthly or annually, and even some offer unlimited storage. And most importantly, you can access stored data anytime from any location with an Internet connection.
For example, Dropbox offers 2GB for free and iCloud offers 5GB, but most will cost about $5 per month for between 100GB and 1TB of space.

External Optical Media – CDs can store up to 700MB to 25GB.

Can I backup my PC to Google Drive?

Yes. You can utilize Google Drive to backup a PC or Mac with an internet connection.

Does Office 365 have backups?

Office 365 has backups on OneDrive. OneDrive is primarily for personal use, but it also offers business-grade file storage and sharing, security; compliance; management automation; and data retention policies—for all the same reasons you choose Office 365 to be your productivity platform.

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