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You take many pictures, but eventually, you run out of space on your phone or hard drive, and you have to start deleting them to get more storage space. But what if the cloud storage company had a better solution with excellent features at an affordable price? Well, they do!.

But which service is perfect in storage, pricing, security, sharing, and other features. Now there’s no need to randomly search which one is best because we’ve got a list of the six best cloud storage for photos. So, you don’t need to research randomly here and there.

6 Best Cloud Storage for Photos

1 Google Photo

Google photos

A great way to store captured memories is on Google Photos, one of the most popular options. One of the main reasons this is so great is that it provides unlimited free storage for photos, so you don’t need to store any pictures on your phone. But the sad news is that Google photo is no longer unlimited from June 1 and now only gives 15GB free space to store pictures. With this service, you will upload photos on your phone and then access them with a different device like a laptop or tablet.

Another excellent feature of Google Photos is searching for your pictures with any keywords like “marriage” or “party”. It will search all the photos and bring the required file quickly; if it matches your keyword, no matter how extensive a collection is, it works so quickly. Along with these excellent features, Google Photos also allows photo sharing with people you choose.

This photo storage app is an excellent choice to store personal data, along with other features, because it provides automatic uploads of all your pictures taken on your smartphone. Along with this, if you want to back up data that are already saved onto your phone, Google cloud photos will automatically do this for you as well. Furthermore, if you want to share photos with friends and family, you can do so via email or iMessage!

The pricing that Google cloud offers for paid plans is much affordable. Like basic plan provides 100 GB storage is 1.19$ per month. At the same time, the standard plan gives double space (200GB) monthly for 1.94$. And if you need storage up to 2TB, then go for a Premium subscription (6.02$).

2 Amazon Drive Cloud

amazon drive for photos

Amazon Drive Cloud is a service that provides storage space to users at a low cost. For this reason, the service is top-rated among users to store their pictures. The face recognition feature of Amazon drive is an excellent feature that automatically organizes pictures into relevant collections, which helps to reduce the time it takes to search for a specific photo.

The Amazon Drive Cloud service comes with 5 GB of free storage space for everyone without knowing the number of pictures they take. This makes it ideal for those who do not want to constantly delete old photos or compromise quality to save more space for new ones. If you have a business or take lots of photos with your phone, you will need larger storage space. In such a case, Amazon Drive Cloud offers 100 GB of $1.66 per month.

3 Flicker


Flicker is a photo-sharing cloud storage site launched in 2008 and soon became the leader in online photography. It has over 112 million registered users. Flicker has partnered with several companies like Picnik to become their go-to photography service.

Its main features from other photo-sharing services are letting users upload their photos and videos to make high-quality views. This is done by partnering with companies like Picnik so that their customers can use this service.

The service is also known for its security. Since its launch, Flicker has never suffered a significant data leak or lost any data to hackers. This service also received the highest rating in terms of privacy protection from PrivacyInt. With free plans, Flicker allows you to upload 1000 pictures and videos. While with a premium subscription, you can upload unlimited pictures on Flicker for $5.99/month.

4 LiveDrive

liveDrive cloud storage for photos

Livedrive is a secure cloud storage service for photos and videos. LiveDrive’s server is the most secure server to store all of your pictures and videos on it and share them with others. The desktop application allows you to add a camera roll or other folders to store your photos and videos.

By enabling the auto uploading feature, it will upload new photos directly from the device. You can also save your files while you’re working in applications such as iPhoto, Lightroom, Picasa, Photoshop, Bridge, Aperture and more. You can also save pictures and videos from web galleries or photo albums.

The video uploaded will do the work for you by resizing and compressing the file, so you don’t have to worry about anything. In addition, Livedrive will back up your entire internal or external hard drive on the cloud. It offers an annual subscription of £69.90. And Pro Suite supports 5PC for backup 159.90 /year.

5 iCloud

Being an iPhone user, I have been able to utilize iCloud for my storage needs. It has allowed me to store all of my essential data in one place, so I don’t have to worry about deleting things off my hard drive. For example, I can store all of my pictures files on iCloud. So they are available anytime anywhere I have internet access.

I especially love how it works across all my devices to access my files on the go. For example, if I am at work and would like to view a picture stored on my iCloud, I can easily do so from my iPhone or iPad. Once again, as long as those devices have internet access.

The iCloud allows me to free up space on my hard drive by storing all my essential files in the cloud. Overall, I always recommend using iCloud to my friends and family who own an Apple device because it is a great way to store your pictures. With a free plan, iCloud gives 5GB of space. And also offer three pain plans, including 50GB, 200GB, and 2TB storage capacity. 

It offers different plans with varying amounts of storage, but it also offers standard security for its customers. If you’re looking for a new photo-sharing service or would like an alternative to Dropbox, OneDrive, this service may be worth checking out.

6 Tresorit


Tresorit is a cloud storage service that enables you to share and store your photos with friends and family securely. You can use Tresorit as an automatic backup tool, an excellent storage service for photos at an affordable price. You can also get 5GB free storage to store data accessible on Tresorit’s servers, and the storage price is up to 500GB which is $10.42 per month. The solo plan provides 2500GB for $24 monthly.

The unique feature of Tresorit is its unbreakable security system. It offers end-to-end encryption that is based on zero-knowledge encryption. Tresorit was established to offer a cloud storage service that would guarantee complete privacy for users.

Tresorit’s servers are located in Switzerland, which is considered one of the best locations in the world when it comes to data protection. The data centers are managed by the hosting company Scaleway, which ensures optimal performance. So, if you need the best secure cloud storage for photos, there is no better option other than Tresorit.

FAQs on Best Cloud for Photos

Which is the best cloud storage for photos?

LiveDrive is by far the best cloud storage for photos on the market. Of course, some people may already prefer services like Dropbox or Google Drive.u003cbru003eBut LiveDrive offers many more features in one place. This convenience makes it even easier to store pictures than ever beforeu003cbru003e

Should I use the cloud to store photos?

The cloud is very secure. That provides much tight security compared to u003ca href=u0022https://cloudstorageexplorer.com/cloud-storage-vs-external-hard-drive/u0022 data-type=u0022postu0022 data-id=u002281u0022u003ephysical storageu003c/au003e (which can be lost or deleted). The cloud’s data centre management staff diligently protect your content from hackers, theft, terrorism and even power outages.

Where can I save my photos forever?

There are many photo storage companies to choose from, where you can store your photos for an affordable price. These companies typically offer several pricing options for various levels of monthly access to stored photos. The best thing about cloud storage is that it takes all the guesswork out of digital storage and makes it far easier to ensure your treasured memories will last forever.

Is Dropbox safe for photos?

Yes. Dropbox’s security measures are more robust than those of most large enterprises and banks. This is due to the use of strong encryption, 2-factor authentication beyond your password, TLS technology (the same thing that protects the web) and air gap servers (servers with no internet connection. All files and metadata remain encrypted during transfer and storage on their servers.

Is Google Photos unlimited storage?

Google Photos is no longer unlimited from June 1 2021.

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