5 Best Cloud Storage for Videos – Free and Paid

Everyone has videos on their phone, computer, or external drive, but what do you do when you have no more space? Your options are limited. You can delete the video and lose it forever, or you can upload it to an online site like YouTube or can buy more hard drives for storage.

But there is a better option: cloud storage for videos. Cloud storage lets you store all of your favorite memories so that no matter where you go, those memories will be with you! And because most cloud services offer free space and affordable rates for extra space (sometimes even unlimited!).

This is an excellent solution for storing all of your videos without worrying about running out of room on your device. Find out which service is the best cloud storage for videos recommended below.

5 Best Cloud Storage for Videos – Most Trusted Services

Google Drive

Google drive cloud storage service

Google Drive is the best place to store any data, including documents, pictures, and of course, videos. It’s easy to use and provides a great way to quickly access stored videos from any device using a net connection. Plus, Google Drive comes with built-in collaboration tools to work on files with other people in real-time.

 It provides excellent uploading and downloading speed for videos, making it the perfect service to store your visual content. You can access your files from any device with an internet connection, and you can work on files with other people in real-time.

Although, many people enjoy the convenience of storing files on Google Drive. But it is also an excellent tool for video sharing too. You can create a private folder that no one but you has access to, or you can share your video with others, and no one can download videos without your permission.

The best thing about cloud storage services is that videos are stored safely, and you don’t have to worry about losing them to a virus attack or anything like that. Furthermore, videos are straightforward to download from Google Drive. And, you can even download 100’s of videos at once if you wish.

So, if you need the perfect cloud storage service to store your videos, Google Drive is a great option. Because GD is much easier to use and supports built-in collaboration tools, your videos will be stored safely, and you can access them from any device with an internet connection. There is also 15GB of free cloud storage space that is enough for most users who have small size data.


Best Cloud Storage for Videos

 Do you have a lot of videos on your computer or mobile phone? Then IDrive is the best cloud storage for videos for saving space and keeping all of your favorite memories with you! I love IDrive because I travel a lot. As I have a lot of relatives around the country, that means even more travel to visit them.

And when I’m not visiting my loved ones, I like to take short weekend trips here and there for fun (or sometimes work). It’s tough to keep up with all this video footage if everything is saved on my phone – which can only hold about 64 GB before it starts getting full. So what am I supposed to do? Delete good memories or risk running out of space when I need it most?

That’s where IDrive comes in. IDrive cloud storage is a great way to back up all your important videos and photos without taking up any extra space on your device. They offer a variety of different plans, starting at just $5/month, so there’s sure to be one that fits your needs. And with no contracts, you’re free to cancel your plan at any time if you feel like it’s not a good fit for you.

There are a lot of features that make it the best cloud storage service for videos. Let discover one by one.IDrive supports the backup of a single device and multiple devices. So it means that you can easily back up all of the videos and photos from your PC and Mobile phone – all in one place! And with no extra storage needed, it’s an easy way to keep your memories safe and secure.

IDrive also continuously works to take backup of your videos and photos. This means that you don’t have to worry about losing any of your important memories, no matter what happens. All your files will be safe and secure on online storage and can be accessed whenever you want—even it can back up videos stored on external hard drives or NAS storage devices.

If you have an extensive collection of video and don’t have time to upload them, then the IDrive Express option let you help in this way. In such a case, the company will send you a physical hard drive and ask you to store your entire backup (Encrypted) once everything is done.

You’ll send it back to the company, and IDrive will upload your data to your account. And it also keeps a full 30days version history of a file to recovery easily either case of cyber-attack or incidentally lost data. Even it does not allow to delete any file directly. First, it scans your computer to match data with IDrive’s account.

 Furthermore, the search feature helps you to find the desired file quickly.  Additionally, it continuously keeps protecting files if it finds something wrong in the file. IDrive will automatically backup them.  Video uploading and the downloading speed is blazing fast, and it also automatically compressed backup files before uploading on their server. Email alter report feature always keeps you up to date about your account. 

What about Security? It is unquestionable. It means IDrive encrypt your file with 256-bit AES encryption protocols. And there is also client-side encryption when you’re transferring data to a cloud server. So don’t look any further best cloud storage for videos when IDrive provides many features at an affordable price.  


iceDrive cloud storage

Some users want to store their videos data on online storage but have some concerns regarding cloud storage services’ security and privacy policy. And if you have a similar concern, then Icedrive is a perfect security solution for your confidential data because it is the most secure cloud storage service in the market right now.

That is just not only saying; IceDrive practically provides bulletproof security. For example, it encrypts data with Twofish Encryption, a much more robust algorithm to make data secure and safe. However, it does not provide higher speed and performance like AES but is safer than another encryption-based algorithm.

Additionally, it also offers a zero-knowledge privacy policy. Zero-knowledge encryption means no one can access and understand the meaning of your data, even the service provider.

One of the main features that make Icedrive the best cloud storage service from others is how it works. For example, when you install the desktop app, it installs a virtual hard drive on your computer.

And you can use it like how you handle another hard drive in the system.  Moreover, the IDrive desktop, web, and mobile app interface is user-friendly and reliable. And main options are visible on the central screen without manually searching them.

One of the best things that I like most in Icedrive is its premium pricing model for a lifetime. For example, if you don’t want to pay monthly or yearly, you can go with a lifetime subscription. It provides 3different plans for a lifetime.

Like Lite subscription give 150GB storage for 99$. At the same time, a pro subscription gives 1TB storage for 229$. And, pro+ provides 5TB in 599.  IceDrive also provides 10GB of free video storage.


pcloud storage

Pcloud has several excellent features that make it the best cloud storage for videos and photos.  It is not a new infield because it has been offering its service since 2013. But does it a trustable service for your videos? Yes, Pcloud is a better option for storing your graphical content and syncing across multiple connected devices.

All your uploaded videos, photos, and other document files automatically sync in real-time, which means free from the hassle of manually uploading new changes on a cloud server.  The interface is really beautiful and clean, whether it is web or mobile-based. Everything is available with just a way of few clicks. Even PCloud gives an option to make any file to access offline.

Sharing and collaboration features are really impressive. It allows you to share file and folder links with anyone. And even it provides complete control to customize links with your own metadata easily. Additionally, it gives full analytics details like how many times links have been shared, opened, etc.

Security of cloud is unmatchable like it provides secure connection b/w client and server with SSL and all data is encrypted with 256-bit AES. Additionally, Pcloud is a Swiss-based cloud storage service, so you should not worry about privacy policy. They’re the best data center to store data regarding privacy issues.

But these are just common features that other services also support. However, what is special in the PCloud is to store videos data. It has something unique like built-in- video and audio players and streaming. So you don’t need to download the file to play the video; you can directly open visual content on a cloud server.

Pcloud cloud storage doesn’t put any file uploading limit that allows uploading any video and movie with fast blazing speed. And even you can view of file while uploading. Pcloud is not just a backing-up tool from the computer. It also provides support to directly import a backup of another top cloud service, including Google Drive, OneDrve, and even social media sites.

The Pcloud pricing model is similar to IceDrive, like an annual or lifetime subscription. Premium package gives 500GB storage for 155$, and Premium plus offers 2TB storage space for 350$. And same storage space you can get with an annual plan is 49.99$ and 99.99$ per year, respectively.


sync cloud storage

Now, it’s time to store your videos in the safest and secure cloud storage service. With its backup service for videos, you’ll be able to preserve your memories in high quality and safety. Using sync.com, you can upload all of your videos and automatically back them up with military-grade encryption for any data breach or hacking attempts.

It provides the best Security to protect your memories from hackers and some advanced features. Additionally, they have several features that help protect your data, including two-factor authentication and password recovery.

Sync also provides a great sharing and collaboration feature, which can securely share any file with anyone. You can share your photo albums or videos with your loved one or even on social media platforms with its service.

So your friends and family members will be able to view your photos or videos footage in high quality. It also allows you to share links with a custom name, logo, title, which can be very helpful for sharing files securely with others!

The file uploading process is simple and easy. To upload files to sync.com, you can use Windows Explorer on Microsoft Windows, Finder on Mac OS X, and drag-and-drop to upload them into your synced folder. You can also browse files already synced by clicking the “+” button in the synced folder.

Don’t worry about the size of the videos you want to upload to sync.com! They offer unlimited storage space for all your videos and memories! So you can upload all of them without running of space!

Furthermore, it offers a solid privacy policy that it strictly follows. They don’t provide any personal information to the 3rd parties unless it’s for customer service or law enforcement investigation or disclosing for legal reasons. They also don’t sell customers’ data to anyone either.

Sync.com offers four different paid plans: Solo, Solo Professional, Team standard, and unlimited. The Individual plan is excellent for one user and includes 2 TB storage space, an advanced sharing feature, and military-grade encryption for 8$ monthly.

The professional plan includes 6TB storage space, custom branding, and strong Security in 20$ months. The standard plan includes 1 TB storage space for 5$ per month. And finally, Teams Unlimited includes unlimited storage space with similar features for 15$ per month.

FAQs on Best Cloud Storage for Videos

What is the best free cloud storage for videos?

Google Drive, IDrive, PCloud, IceDrive are the best free cloud storage for storing videos.

Does the cloud store videos?

Yes, the cloud can store videos. Currently, there are many users who are using cloud storage services to store their videos because it’s a safe and secure way to keep them backed up. Plus, it’s easy to access your videos from any device with an internet connection.

So if you’re looking for a way to back up your videos or access them from anywhere, the cloud is a great option. Just be sure to choose a service that offers good security and plenty of storage space so you can store all your favorite movies and TV shows.

Where should I store video files?

There are different to store videos file like using computer internal storage, hard drive, or cloud storage services.

Is OneDrive worth using?

Yes, OneDrive is worth paying because it provides a feature-rich cloud storage service at an affordable price.

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