Best Free Cloud Storage Solutions in 2020

The best cloud storage alternatives in 2020

Are you on a lookout for the most superior cloud-storage solution? Well, if that’s your concern, you have finally reached the right place. But, before we get to that, why do you precisely need cloud storage?

If you are working in design and require to move around huge files safely and quickly, the cloud storage comes handy. Jia, who offers the best data science certification online, says that cloud storage is your go-to alternative to stash all the files online, irrespective of how many or how large these files are. Further, with cloud storage, the files are incredibly easy to access, irrespective of where you are. Thus, via cloud storage, you can share files with your client safely and securely. This is not all. Another magnificent benefit of cloud storage is that when you have your important files backed up on the cloud, you can retrieve them anytime. So, even if you lose out on the data because of a catastrophic human error or because of certain tech failure, you can easily head to your cloud storage and access all the backed-up data.

So, be it a business or a freelancer, in today’s age of technology, you need to have reliable storage space. Honestly, finding a storage platform can be a bit of a challenge, given that there are several choices available. It can make you feel a bit overwhelmed at times. Thus, to help you make the right decision, we have come up with some of the best cloud storage alternatives that you can use in 2020. Let’s get started and take a look at them one by one. 

IDrive Review


Available Storage – 5 – 12.5 GB

Free Storage – 5 GB

George, who offers online accounting assignment help, says that IDrive is the best cloud storage alternative in the market right now. Now, if your primary concern is having a reliable backup system, then IDrive is the perfect alternative for you. The good thing about it is that it will perennially sync all of your files, even the files that are on the network drives. In case you have opted for the Business or the Personal Plan, you’ll get IDrive express, which is a free backup service. So, if you ever lose out on your local files, the IDrive Express will send you a harddrive that would have the entire data backed up by you. Further, if you happen to delete a file accidently, it wouldn’t be automatically deleted from the server, rather iDrive will retain this file for a period of 30 days. The facial recognition of IDrive is another great aspect of this cloud storage platform. This makes it easy for you to organize the photos. You can even share your files on your social networking platform directly from IDrive.

pCloud Review

Available Storage – 10 GB – 2 TB

Free Storage – 10 GB

At number 2 in this list, we have pCloud. In this, you just pay once and get a lifetime subscription of the cloud storage platform. With the lifetime subscription of pCloud, you can get online storage of 2TB or 500 GB. This is, of course, good storage, given that you have to make the payment only once. Leo, who offers online do my assignment services, says that since there’s no limit on the size of the file that you upload, it is a great platform for cloud storage. Further, you get a built-in video and audio player with playlists. To be fully secure, the cloud storage will save 5 different copies of your file across different servers via the 256-bit encryption. To password protect your files, you can add a pCloud Crypto feature at a small monthly fee.   

OneDrive Review

Available Storage – 5 GB – Unlimited

Free Storage – 5 GB

Justin, who works with a platform where you can pay for research paper writing service, says that being a Windows 10 user, he absolutely loves using OneDrive for cloud storage. It is a great platform that is easy to use and comes with an in-built File Explorer. So, as you start using it, you’ll get a free storage space of 5GB instantly. You can increase this to 50 GB at a very small fee charged monthly. This storage platform is not only restricted to Windows, but it is available for Android and iOS users too. You can also find an app of OneDrive for Mac users. However, since it is designed in a typical Microsoft style, it might not work very well in Mac. 

Apple iCloud Review

Available Storage – 5 GB – 2 TB

Free Storage – 5 GB

Apple iCloud is a dedicated storage platform for Apple users. Just like Microsoft’s storage platform, Apple too offers a free storage space of 5 GB. However, to tell you the truth, this space isn’t enough to back up the data of your iPhone. but it is sufficient to stash your extra photos. You can even opt for a paid plan of iCloud that is available at a reasonable price. Veronica, who offers online professional research paper writing service, says that iCloud of the Apple integrates with all the Apple devices, making it easy for you to access the files from all your Apple devices. There’s one downside to it – it is only a platform for storage. So, you cannot share the files with anyone outside your Apple Family.  

Google Drive Review

Available Storage – 15 GB – 30 TB

Free Storage – 15 GB

Tamanna, who works with EduWorldUSAsays that being a Chromebook user, she uses Google Drive for her cloud storage needs. It is an excellent platform for both Chromebook and Android users. For this, all you need is a Gmail account. As soon as you sign up with your Gmail account, you’ll get a free storage space of 15 GB. In addition to it, you will get access to a bundle of online office applications with Google’s G Suite. You can get a desktop app of Google drive for both Mac and Windows users. So, you can easily sync all your files and share it with anyone with just a click of the button. However, if you need storage space over 15 GB, you’ll have to subscribe to the paid plans. For 100 GB, you’ll have to pay $1.99 per month, for 30 TB, you’ll have to pay $299.99 per month.  


So, these are the top 5 best free cloud storage alternatives for you to use.

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