6 Best Internal SSD – Super Fast But Cheap

Only the best internal SSD provides fast speed, performance, and reliability in a heavy workload. However, not all SSD are the same in features range because there are so many storage brands with different options. So in this review guide, we will help you find the best SSD to meet your needs.

But in our experience, SanDisk SSD PLUS is the best internal SSD for laptop and desktop computers in terms of storage, speed, performance, price, and every other aspect. SanDisk offers 535MB reading and 450MB writing speed, and the cost is much lower than other top competitors in a list with the same storage capacity.

However, here is not the end of the story. There are some other top internal SSDs for pc and laptops that need to find which one is best in a different aspect.

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Why SSD?

Best Internal SSD

A standard hard drive is only suitable for storage purposes, which means an HDD storage drive provides higher memory capacity at a low price compared to SSD. But, in speed, performance, and responsiveness, there are clear-cut advantages of using a solid-state drive that lead your computer to be super-fast.

For example, running demanding applications requires fast storage to play high resolutions games, perform video editing tasks, and do other heavy graphical work. In such cases, performance and speed are essential requirements; only SSD storage can handle such a heavy workload.

 HDD is only best to store massive size data backups such as movies files, videos collections, music files or to store NAS backup. So, if you want to upgrade an old system or need a new SSD, it is the best time to avail yourself benefits of fast storage.

Additionally, it is not necessary to buy HDD for your storage needs. Because cloud storage is another cheap storage solution, it is a service that offers secure online storage to store pictures, videos, and even entire windows backup. At the same time, it is also offers off backup solution for small businesses.

6 Best Internal SSD for Laptop and Desktop Computer

SanDisk SSD PLUS 1TB Internal SSD

Main Specifications:

Capacity240GB to 2TB
Read Speed535MB/s
Writing Speed 450MB/s
Form Factor2.50 inches

SanDisk offers higher reliability and the best internal SSD for desktop computers that you can buy without spending any significant amount. Even the price of 1TB is lower than Crucial MX500. So, if your system is struggling with performance issues and taking much time in loading files, then replaced with SanDisk SSD PLUS.

It will ensure supper fast booting time, quick 4k video editing, and even capable of handling dozens of applications and web pages simultaneously. In other words, this internal hard drive is fully accomplished by managing any workload you through to it. And not to mention, your desktop computer will feel new life.

However, reading and writing speed is not much impressive. SanDisk provides 535MB reading and 450MB writing speed which is relatively low compared to Crucial MX500 which is the main competitor of SanDisk with the same features in line. But, speed also depends on other factors such as overall system configuration, including RAM, Processor, etc. Nevertheless, you can expect average performance speed from SanDisk.

One of the cool features of SanDisk is its reliability that provides complete protection against any physical damages. Even it can bear a weight of more than 1500G. And also, it will perform well in extreme temperate. So don’t worry about system responsiveness while playing videos games or doing any other heavy computing tasks. 

While the installation process is simple and easy – just a matter of seconds, even a non-teach guy can easily install the SanDisk SSD drive. However, there are some compatible issues with specific devices like notebooks. So, don’t buy it if you want to use it for a notebook.

  • CheapnEasy upgradablenBest performancenShock resistantnEasy to installn
  • Compatibility issues with some devicesn

Crucial MX500

Main Specifications:

Capacity250GB to 4TB
Read Speed560MB/s
Writing Speed 510MB/s
Form Factor 2.50 inches

Crucial MX500 is the best SATA SSD internal drive right now for a couple of reasons. For example, no one drive is offering multiple features at an affordable price that MX500 provides. Such as the cost of 1TB is much lower than the other mentioned here.

It means you can store up to 200,000 photos or an extensive collection of videos and even can increase system performance and speed without spending too much with a 1TB storage drive. However, MX500 has up to 4TB storage capacity. But it depends on your requirements how much storage you need.

MX500 provides 560 reading and 510MB for writing, but it is not fixed. For example, there is random data processing performance in different testing. Although this speed is not great like NVMe based drive provides but still superb in this pricing range for gamers and others who need fast performance hard drives at affordable prices.

But it does not mean MX500 is not capable of handling a heavy workload. This drive can increase the system’s boot time and will be more efficient in quickly loading demanding applications.

Needless to say, SSDs are more reliable than standard storage drives, premature wear and tear quickly decreases the lifespan of the disk. However, it is not an issue with Crucial because it comes after many trials and tests, and this drive can last thousands of hours.

Additionally, 5years of warranty keep your mind in peach. Furthermore, MX500 has a built-in feature that protects the SSD from sudden power failure and automatically saves data from loss.

Security of MX500 is also a higher standard that encrypts your files using AES 256-bit encryption algorithms. So, you did not worry that anyone can access data without your permission. However, encryption is only supported on a specific hardware system.

Also, MX500 does not consume much power that enhances the battery timing of your laptop. However, the Crucial MX500 design is very basic and old-fashioned that needs much improvement. But overall, MX500 SSD is worth SSD to investment for super performance at an affordable cost.

  • Low pricenBuilt-in feature to protect data from sudden loss.n256-bit encryption supportednFast performance.nFive years of warrantynSATA interfacenEnergy efficientnPerfect for gamers and graphic designers.n
  • Little slownOld fashioned designn

Crucial BX500

Main Specifications:

Capacity280GB to 2TB
Read Speed540MB/s
Writing Speed 489MB/s
Form Factor 2.50 inches

BX500 is another best internal SSD for a laptop from the Crucial brand in the list but cheaper than MX500 per GB. It is an improved version of the BX300 series with faster performance and reliability. The design of BX500 is premium looking, and weight is much lightweight – 7mm thickness and size only 2.5 inches. BX500 SS drive is easy to carry, even in a pocket.  

It comes in four sizes to quickly decide which storage capacity best meets your requirements.BX500 is made with Micron 3D NAND technology to deliver faster performance than HDD. Speed is 540 MBs, giving your old computer and laptops a new life to accomplish computing tasks efficiently.

Additionally, you can also play lightweight games with BX500 if you don’t have enough budget to spend on expensive premium internal SSD drives for gaming. And also, this is a 3D NAND-based drive, so it will consume 45x less power than traditional hard disks.

What about reliability?, don’t worry about it because Crucial is an award-winning brand in developing high reliable SSD drives. And you can expect the same with BX 500 that will last up to 5years. Usually, this is the general lifespan of drives in different testing.

Additionally, it can read and write data to 360 TB in 5years. So, if you need the fastest SATA SSD by just spending a few bucks, then BX 500 SSD storage drive is a perfect choice.

  • Fast and inexpensivenHighly reliablenGreat portable drivenEnergy efficientnCons:nLess datan
  • Average Speed

Samsung Electronics 870 EVO 

Main Specifications:

Capacity250GB to 4TB
Read Speed560MB/s
Writing Speed 530MB/s
Form Factor 2.50 inches

If you don’t mind spending some extra buck, then Samsung Electronics 870 EVO is the best internal SSD that you should buy. 870 EVO delivers almost the same speed as Crucial MX500 for data reading but slightly faster file reading (530MBs) with the SATA interface but a little bit ahead in performance and responsiveness. High performance and reliability are what you’ll get in this hard drive.

If you skip SanDisk SSD PLUS due to compatibility issues, this problem is no longer with 870 EVO. It does not matter which device you’re using and what operating system has installed. Whether it is a laptop, desktop computer, or NAS backup storage. There will be no compatibility issue because Samsung released 870 EVO hard drives after proper testing with major systems and motherboards.

And installing 870 EVO on your computer and laptop is just a few minutes’ games, plug, and play. Just make sure your system’s slot supports a 2.5-inch size drive. Furthermore, if you want to migrate data from the old drive to EVO 870, then there is a straightforward and easy process.

Install Data Migration tool from Samsung’s official website and install it. This tool will do everything perfectly. So, go with EVO 870 if you really want to boost your system’s performance. 

  • High performancenCompatible with major devicesnEasy to upgradeablenOfficial drive monitoring softwarenQuick data migrationn256 bit AES Encryptionn
  • Little expensive


Main Specifications:

Capacity250GB to 2TB
Read Speed 3500MB.s
Writing Speed 3450MB/s
InterfacePCIe 4.0 NVMe 
Form Factor2280.00 inches

As the world’s best electronics products producer, Samsung has ever made the fastest SSD drive. Yet we have only discussed SATA SSD drives, but 980 PRO SSD is NVMe Gen 4, which is 5x times faster and better than SATA SSD.

It just not talking; Samsung 980 PRO is a super-fast drive, delivering the 3500MBs and 3450MBs reading and writing speed which is much higher than I ever tested any other SSD drive – an extremely high-performance storage solution for large and big applications.

So, 980 PRO is the best internal SSD for gaming, graphics designing, video editing, music production, 3 D rendering, data science, and machine learning applications that need ultra-performance storage. Although its price is much higher than others, it is double that of SanDisk, Crucial BX500, and MX500. But its speed, performance, and reliability justify the 980 PRO price.

As I said, it is PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD, but don’t worry, 980 is also supported with 3.0 NVMe interfaces, so you don’t need to upgrade your system to use it. Additionally, it comes with an m2 form factor that is easy to plug into your desktop PC and laptop.

Furthermore, this drive has an embedded thermal controller to manage the temperate of the drive under heavy workload and to keep it at a normal state. But don’t forget to install it with a heatsink.

Moreover, Samsung 980 PRO stores files after encrypting with AES 256-bit encryption algorithms to keep your data from unauthorized access and data thefts that is another plus point of using PRO 980 SSD drive.

Also, there is Magician Software by Samsung that will help you manage, optimize and check the current status of the drive. No doubt, 980 has the fastest data processing speed, but it has a low storage option, which means it does not provide a 4TB size option. However, this is not an issue to consider if speed and performance is the primary concern.

So, if you need a powerful SSD internal hard drive for a laptop and the price is no issue, then go and try this game-changer storage device. 

  • Supper fast NVMe SSD with M2 interfacenBest for high-end applicationsnPower optimizernEmbedded tool for Heat controllernOfficial tool to check drive healthnAES 256-bit encryptionnExcellent warrantyn
  • Much costlynOnly storage capacity up to 2TBn

WD Black SN750

Main Specifications:

Capacity250GB to 4TB
Read Speed 3600MB.s
Writing Speed 2900MB/s
InterfacePCIe Gen4
Form Factor2.50 inches

WD SN 750 is a rival of Samsung 980 PRO in a list with extreme performance and blazing fast speed. But it is much cheaper than what 980 is offering; for example, the SN750 (1TB) storage price is almost half compared to it, only 1$ per 9GB, still a little expensive than SATA drive.

And it has nearly the same reading and writing speed (3,600MBs and 2900MBs) of 980. Also, this drive is built with an exclusive gaming experience that means after installing SN 750, it will boost your system performance and loading time 10x times faster than SATA.

Most importantly, WD SN750 is available in multiple configurations like Gen 3, Gen 3 with HeatSink, Gen 4, and Gen 4 with special gaming mode—easier to decide which one is perfect for you. 

So again, like Samsung PR0 980, WD SN750 is the perfect storage solution to build a solid performance system.

  • Faster speednExtreme performancenFully compatible with latest systemsnCheaper price than 980 per GBnEmbedded cooling systemn
  • Little slow in the long writing process compared to 980 PRO

How to Buy Best Internal SSD – Buying guide

As we early discussed, each SSD is not the same in features, and each one has different pros and cons. So you should pick the best one that will meet your requirements. Thus, this short guide will help you find the perfect and best internal SSD.



Of course, it is the main factor for SSDs drives. Speed matter a lot in system performance and responsiveness. Faster speed means the ability to perform heavy computing tasks quickly and efficiently. So, always goes that provides faster data reading and writing speed.



Although this does not matter a lot, HDD and clouds storage are great alternative options for storing and backing up massive data. However, it does not mean you should buy a low storage capacity SSD, but it does not mean go to a big one. Although it also depends on you how much storage you need. But generally speaking, 512GB or 1TB SSD drive is enough for gaming, video editing, or performing similar tasks.


Price of SSD

Undoubtedly, price is a significant decision factor that can make and change your mind before purchasing anything. And same goes with SSD storage. However, it mainly depends on your budget? So ask yourself if you need a cheap drive or the fastest drive.

If the budget is insignificant, go with SanDisk SSD PLUS, Crucial BX500, and MX500. However, if speed and high performance are the primary concern, go with Samsung 980 PRO and WD 750. Although they’re expensive choices, they will give you the best you need.


You should also check the warranty before purchasing your next storage device. But how much guarantee do manufacturers offer? It depends on the brand like some provide a 3years warranty while others give 5years.  

FAQ on best internal SSD

  1. Why it is essential to choose the best SSD drive?

    There are multiple reasons for choosing the best internal storage drive because only fast SSD will deliver fast performance, speed, and system responsiveness to perform computing tasks efficiently. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAnd also, there are so many brands with different storage options. Some are cheaper but poor in performance, while others are great in performing operations fast but costly. Therefore it is necessary to choose the best SSD to boost up system. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAnd luckily, some solid-state drives like SanDisk, Crucial BX500, and MX500 are overall perfect storage solutions in terms of cost, speed and reliability.

  2. Which brand internal SSD is best?

    It depends on the main feature you want in the drive, such as performance, reliability, price, or warranty. However, for speed, 980 PRO by Samsung is best to make your system a powerful machine while SSD drives made by WD are more reliable than any other manufacturer. At the same time, crucial storage drives are cheaper than others.

  3. Which SSD is fastest?

    Samsung 980 PRO SSD is the fastest drive I have ever tested in reading and writing operations.

  4. Is 980 Pro worth it?

    Yes, of course, Samsung 980 PRO will give you a new life to your computer.

  5. Is NVMe faster than SSD?

    NVME is an interface that provides 5x times faster data access than SATA SSDs drives.  

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