Best Lifetime Cloud Storage Plan Reviews – 2021 Edition

What’s better than saving all of your digital assets in the cloud that you can access from anywhere? Well, only paying a one-time fee to be able to do so in my opinion. In this post, I’ll go over the best lifetime cloud storage plans that are currently out there that you can get for yourself. Let’s just jump straight into it with my top recommendation.

pCloud Lifetime Cloud Storage Plan Review

I’ve been using pCloud for 3 years now and absoluetely love the service.

pcloud lifetime cloud storage interface

The main online interface is pretty clean with most commonly used folders: My Music, Pictures, Video, and they offer a help file that give you a rundown on how to use the platform which you’ll probably not need but nice to have available just in case.

The lilfetime plans come in 500gb and 2TB plans at $175 for 500gb and $350 for 2TB. This is a higher priced lifetime plan but this one is well worth it. pCloud is a stable company and their storage platform is equally stable and secure. I’ve seen many cloud storage brands with ‘lifetime’ plans go belly up. Mainly because they underprice their service. It seems like pCloud has found the right way to offer a plan like this since they have been only improving their service for the last 6 years. Click the image below to get your Lifetime pCloud plan.

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Polar Backup Lifetime Plan Review


Polar Backup is another good options if you want a one-off backup plan. The main difference between Polar and pCloud above is that Polar is what is known as ‘cold storage’ where pCloud is more of a regular type of backup plan. Cold Storage is what’s used for long term file storage, or files that you don’t plan on accessing all the time. In other words, with Cold Storage you need to ‘request’ the files you want to download and in 15-30 minutes you are send the download links where you can then download them. This is based on the AWS storage platform which is a lower priced backup service which is a good option. Why pay normal storage rates which you can pay cold storage rates?

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