Best VPN For Torrenting – 2020 Review

Is Torrenting with a VPN Safe?

Anyone who has an interest in movies, sports, music, or games would probably know what torrenting is. It is a method of transferring huge files from one source to another. BitTorrent (or torrents) is only a file transfer protocol that allows you to share file swiftly and efficiently. There is nothing wrong with torrenting and transferring huge files from one device to another unless you are transferring copyrighted material.

If you transfer copyrighted material without the consent (written consent in most cases), you may end up paying a hefty fine or land in jail depending on the copyright laws of your country. One of the things that can protect you and make it difficult for authorities to track and prove that you downloaded or uploaded copyrighted material illegally is to use a good VPN service provider that allows you to download files anonymously by hiding your IP address.

Can I Get Caught Torrenting with a VPN?

To get the answer to this question, you first need to understand how VPN works. When you make use of a VPN service, you reach out and contact a VPN server. The server will allow you to connect to the website from where you want to download movies, songs, TV shows, sports videos, games, or any other stuff. If someone attempts to track your download, they will not be able to see your IP address, but they will only be looking at the address of the VPN server. The VPN services are smart because they set up P2P servers at nations where torrenting and downloading copyrighted content won’t land you in trouble.

Though the answer to the question is NO. However, there are a few exceptions. You can be caught if you choose a VPN company with limited bandwidth as the internet service provider can track heavy downloading activities and pin you. So, you should seek a VPN service provider that offers unlimited bandwidth.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that the VPN company you choose must have a no-log policy because it will ensure that they don’t save a log of your activities. There have been a few cases in the past when VPN companies flagged torrent-related misdemeanors of its clients and provided the logs as proof.

One more thing that must be taken care of is not to choose a VPN located in a country where laws force companies to hold client logs for a certain period. This is risky because the law will usually overwrite the no-log policy (if it’s there).

rocket vpn reviewIs a VPN Necessary for Torrenting?

Again, it depends on what kind of torrenting are you doing and where you live. If you are torrenting something that belongs to you, has no copyright claims and you want to share it with a friend, no VPN is required in that case. But if you are torrenting content that is copyrighted by an individual or a company, then you better choose a VPN service provider. It will give you the anonymity you need to do anything you want over the internet. Even if you are not doing anything illegal like downloading copyrighted material, it is wise to use a VPN because you get the total internet privacy.

Top 10 VPNs for Torrenting

Now, you have realized the importance of VPNs whether you are torrenting or not, it’s time for you to seek the best VPN service, provider. As there are thousands of VPN service providers out there and you can’t bet on anyone to offer total security, you should be smart and read the reviews of the top 10 VPN products mentioned right here.

  1.       NordVPN

Costing just $2.99 a month, this VPN is worth your money. NordVPN is very intuitive to use and comes with a cool SmartPlay feature that allows you to connect to the server, which suits your needs best. The company has a wide reach because it has placed more than 5,000 servers in 60 nations. The VPN comes with a handy kill switch (which is customizable) and works well with streaming devices like Netflix. In case you want to use a VPN regularly and across devices, we suggest you to try the mobile apps and browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome. You also don’t have to worry about ads and malware because both of them can be blocked easily.

If you are looking for a VPN service for the long term, then we suggest you buy a three-year option at USD 2.99 per month (USD 107.55 upfront). There are many additional plans you can explore on your own. We recommend this VPN mainly due to the variety of servers and add-on features it offers.

  1.       PureVPN

If you are looking for a reasonably priced VPN that also has a good reach, then you need to consider this VPN. It costs USD 3.33 per month and has more than 2,000 servers across over 141 nations. It also has mobile apps and browser extensions, a kill switch and is loaded with different modes and features.

We like the fact that it’s easy to install and has strict no-logging policies. You can access blocked sites and popular streaming services like Netflix. If you want to make the VPN cheaper, you should look out for great deals that are often offered by the company.

  1.  ExpressVPN

With an RRP of USD6.67 a month, this is a reliable VPN service provider, so you get awesome value for money. If you plan to use it across multiple devices, you need to pay some extra bucks, but it’s money well spent. The VPN provider has a presence in 94 nations and makes use of more than 3,000 servers. Like every other trustworthy VPN provider, you also get a kill switch, browser extensions for Safari, Firefox and Chrome, and mobile and router apps.

You can also have 3 simultaneous connections and efficient customer support is there to resolve your query if you have any. The company doesn’t keep any log regarding connection or activity, which keeps you stress-free about whether anyone is monitoring your online activities. The company has many payment options and offers deals like 3 months free if you buy for 12 months.

  1.       Surfshark

Though this service provider has entered the VPN space quite late as compared to many others on this list, yet it’s making a significant mark. The number of subscribers it has is growing exponentially, and it has a bright future. Why? It’s because the service provider is keeping everything simple and stylish. The interface is very easy to learn and use, the pricing is quite good, and there are many useful features you can enjoy.

Surfshark has 800 servers in 50 nations and allows unlimited connections simultaneously. It also has a kill switch, offers access to streaming services like Netflix, and a mobile app for Fire TV. It has Firefox and Chrome browser extensions, an ad-blocker, a useful MultiHop feature and a no log policy. We also recommend the Whitelist feature, which allows you to choose apps that you would prefer to bypass the VPN like apps for mobile banking. It costs just USD1.99 if you go for the cheapest option, but you are free to select from other plans too. Slow speed might be an issue for some, but it’s not a headache.



Those who have never used a VPN before must also consider this option. Costing just 2.75 a month if you are willing to commit for years, this VPN has an excellent and simplified interface. With around 3,700 servers located in 58 countries that ensure you enjoy all the popular streaming services like Netflix, this VPN is a highly recommended option for binge-watchers.

This VPN allows you to enjoy 7 connections simultaneously, has a useful kill switch and advantageous Android TV and Amazon Fire TV apps. Though the speed might be an issue for some and some object to the fact that the company’s servers are rented not owned, this is among the cheapest VPN in the market because you just need to pay a tiny cost to get it. We strongly suggest that you commit for at least a year as a monthly subscription might cost USD12.99, which is quite high!



If you are among those online surfers and content lovers who prefer a high-quality connection from the servers, then this one is a good choice. With an RRP of USD 5.72 a month and the ability to have up to 5 connections simultaneously, we are pretty impressed by this server. It works with most streaming services, including Netflix, and has over 700 servers in more than 70 nations.

It also has mobile apps that are simple to use and a kill switch, an essential element of all VPNs. Two things that count against it are the lack of browser extensions and a 30-day connection logging. But still, it is a great option for avid VPN users because it has many plans, the cheapest of which costs just USD 3.75 a month.


    TunnelBear VPN

People who prefer simple VPN that doesn’t overwhelm them at all for obvious reasons, this one with so many features and offerings can be considered. With an RRP of just USD 5 a month, it is a low-cost VPN that helps you enjoy the content you want. It works best for families (with up to 5 simultaneous connections) and people who are always on the move. It has its reach in 22 nations, a kill switch and supports streaming services including Netflix. Two things that may hamper your decision to choose this VPN are; first, you don’t get the choice of server, and second, it’s headquartered in Canada, a country that shares signals intelligence.

Still, this VPN is a good choice as it secures family browsing flawlessly and doesn’t dissident traffic. You can establish a connection quickly and access US Netflix in a jiffy. You can try a free version of this VPN that will give you access to 500 MB before choosing a plan that fits your needs. We recommend the yearly plan as it’s cheap and suitable for most people.

  1.       IPVanish

If you want to be totally sure that a VPN service provider should not track you, then you can trust this one. It ensures that your online activities remain private by not collecting data logs or connection details. If you are a beginner, you won’t have any problems in installing or using this VPN because it comes with a handy visual tutorial that makes things as easy as 1-2-3.

Ideal for families, this VPN has an RRP of USD 6.49 a month and offers access to over 1,300 servers in more than 75 nations. It has slow support, a US base, and slow connection at times as the downsides. Its kill switch allows up to 10 simultaneous connections and has a Fire TV stick app. It also has mobile apps and allows you to change your fake IP address at regular intervals that you can decide.

There are a kill switch and the option to automatically change your fake IP address at regular, user-defined intervals. The VPN is quite expensive, and the yearly plan is the cheapest option at the moment.



With an RRP of USD 5.99 per month, this VPN is perfect for people who want to communicate anonymously. What we like best about this VPN is the fact that it makes use of a UK-based server farm and makes use of the VPN capability of your device’s operating system. It means that you can use it with any device or operating system be it Mac, Android, iPhone, Windows, or Linux.

Some of the noteworthy features of this VPN are access to the several US or UK based servers, easy to use, and compatibility with BBC iPlayer and Netflix. Some downsides are no app interface, no kill switch, and the provision of just one connection at a time. The cost is not too high, and the company keeps launching deals like you get the first three months’ access at a lower cost.

  1.   Private Internet Access

Commonly known as PIA, this VPN has gained popularity thanks to its amazing features and variety of servers. The RRP is around USD 3.49 per month, which is not too high when you consider that it has more than 3,300 servers in 32 nations and allows 5 connections simultaneously. It also has browser extensions and mobile apps available.

Security fanatics will love this VPN because it has a kill switch to ensure extra security and several advanced security settings. It can be used for everything from P2P downloads to unblocking Netflix. You can also use it to block ads and malware easily. It cannot unblock BBC iPlayer though. Though it is based in the US, it logs no data, and hence you are safe even if the court asks for your browsing information from them. We recommend going for the two-year subscription because it’s the cheapest and worth the money you spend.

Key Considerations for Choosing a VPN for Torrenting

  • Price

As you will usually commit to a VPN for at least a few months, it is smart to choose a VPN for which you can pay for without worrying about your monthly budget for entertainment. Also, keep in mind that the prices can change with time, so choose to pay as early as possible before the service provider increases the price.


  • Compatibility


Many people use different devices for browsing and watching content online. If you are one of them, you should ensure that you choose a VPN that supports all or most of your devices. For instance, if you own devices with Mac and Windows, choose a VPN that supports both operating systems.

  • Features

For some people the kill switch is essential, and for some, browser extensions are vital. You should decide which VPN feature you need most before making a purchase decision.


  • Safety


It is also a smart idea to stick to a VPN that keeps no logs or records of your visits. It will ensure that you browse whatever you want without fearing the legal consequences if you view any copyrighted content.


  • Speed and Variety


It is also good if you choose a VPN that offers a good variety of servers at a decent speed as it will ensure you enjoy online content for hours without worrying about buffering or unwanted pauses.



I hope that we have helped you in your search for the best VPNs and have helped you make a correct decision when it comes to choosing the right VPN. Our experts have tested all the VPNs we mentioned to the best of their abilities. We also recommend that you test the one you are selecting yourself to ensure that you can trust it in the long term and have no regrets. After all, we only want to help you, not to take decisions on your behalf.

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