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One of the biggest players in the VPN market is HideMyAss. They are known for quality as well as a free options for users. The VPN clients have however, in the past been rocked by some privacy issues.


HideMyAss has for a long time been known as one of the more expensive VPN options. It has lately, slashed down the prices considerably with monthly rates going for as low as $4.99 on annual basis. The monthly pay plan is also down to $9.99. The VPN has similar properties to most when it comes to service plans. These give the user the option of picking from a monthly payment, six months and 12 months. There is also the advantage of a 30-day money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.


The ever-growing company boasts 860 servers in 190 countries. The servers are spread out on 310 locations providing over 117,020 IP addresses. The users can also pick from three protocols including OpenVPN, LLTP and L2TP. This provides choices as you surf the net depending on the device you are using. The VPN supports Windows, iOS and Mac operating systems not to mention Androids. You also get to connect 2 devices simultaneously so you do not have to stress about the device you want to use.

Security and privacy

HideMyAss provides one of the highest levels of internet security. They have also dedicated free services that are living proof on how keen they are when it comes to providing cyber security solutions. The encryption works on three optional protocols including PTPP, L2TP and OpenVPN that use 256 bit encrypting. One of the few downsides of this VPN service is that they will keep partial logs; reason being that they are based in the UK. This may be a problem if you are looking for absolute privacy for your browsing. They will have to present their records on request from the government once in a while. Most people will however, not have problems with the stipulations.

The website & support

They have a resourceful website despite their hilarious logo and name. You will be sure to find easy access to most of the features. The website provides posts, blogs and reviews that you can read through to learn more about the VPN. This may not be for you if you are looking for a quick response to your queries. They however, are online most of the time during the week to answer your questions. Their website has been built to eliminate the need to seek constant help. It is also constantly updated as queries arise to suit the users.

The installation guide

Signing up for the VPN simply requires your email and password. You will then interact with a dialogue that will give you download options for your device. This can be done in a few minutes thanks to the plain and simple instructions. The dashboard provides basics that are critical to the installation process to pick from. These include;

  • Your country: You will need to select your country or simply where you want to be based. A visual map provides beautiful graphics.
  • The IP Address Settings: You will have access to your IP, set it to your preferences and browse your IP history.
  • IP bind: This option allows you to select the programs you want to run when on VPN. It also helps you terminate those that you do not want to run.
  • Proxies: You can set SOCKS/HTTP that you would like to use.
  • Billing and payments: You get to select the payment plan that you would like to work with. These include the one month six months and twelve-month option.

The speeds

The VPN provides a consistent, though not very impressive, upload speed. The download speeds are okay. The stability and performance is okay in general for average users. The VPN does not have IP and DNS leaks meaning that it is perfectly safe for use.

Other platforms

The VPN is usable on a number of platforms including Android, Windows and Mac. It is amazingly easy to use on Androids as it comes with a simple to connect interface that does not need much configuration. The free option provides a basic feel but will work great for those not willing to go full range. You will however, have the limitation of features that will allow you choose what you want to do and use. The free option allows you to see blocked websites and access them. This is still usable for people that do not need extensive VPN use. There is an option to upgrade to the larger VPN platform. You will have to pay for the other packages.

The good

The VPN comes with very many options to smile about including a money back guarantee. You can use the service and decide whether it is valuable for you. If not, you can get a full refund within the stipulated time. The VPN is in over 69 countries and expanding rapidly with over 591 servers. You will also enjoy unlimited bandwidth, a good website, good support and lots of offers.

The bad

The UK protocols are a real problem for people looking to pay for absolute privacy. The fact that your logs will be kept partially may not work well with some users. This is however, not that bad for those simply looking for privacy against hackers and hijackers.


This VPN services is definitely one to use and watch. One of the reasons is its high-security protocols, features and support. They have shown dedication, as seen on their website, to put together a service that most users would feel comfortable using. The fact that it is expanding rapidly makes it a company to be on the look out for. Their free services and paid options are a clear indication that HideMyAss is here to stay. The reviews and customer blogs are interesting reads also proving that the VPN service is worth investing in. What do you have to lose as long as there is a money back guarantee?



  • 1 Month cash back warranty.
  • 591 Servers in 69 nations (and also growing).
  • No Bandwidth limitations.
  • Great VPN Client.
  • Bunches of free offers.
  • Fantastic internet site.
  • We just weren’t so sure about.
  • VPN method sets up (primarily L2TP).


  • UK lawful demands (logs and individual info are maintained and can be handed to authorities upon demand).
  • In review it is clear from our examinations that HideMyAss has actually placed in lots of effort right into their firm. Their Windows client is one of the best we have actually seen and also has a great deal of helpful features that assist improve the individual encounter. Their mobile customers are slightly dragging on this, nevertheless, they are swiftly improving this so view the area. And also with all the freebies that they offer we can certainly say that HideMyAss is worth using (if you’re not as well anxious regarding secuirty that is).

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