IPinator VPN Review 2016


One of the best ways to enjoy entertainment today is by streaming. Streaming allows you to connect to providers like Hulu, Netflix and Popcorn TV through the internet. These channels come with come with a cheaper movies, series and music viewing option. You however, have to have very good internet for you to enjoy streaming. One of the biggest problems when it comes to streaming is restrictions. There are viewing restrictions all over the world. Viewing programs that have been blocked is impossible through normal internet browsing. The best way to do this is by the use of VPNs. A VPN allows you to browse in total secrecy ensuring that all restrictions are lifted.

IPinator is a VPN service that allows you to bypass firewalls and regional restrictions while providing good privacy options.

Grab a Lifetime Of IPinator VPN & SmartDNS Bundle for only $29.99 Lifetime


One of the best things about the VPN is that you get to pay one subscription for a lifetime. This is amazing believing that their services will remain so as long as you need them. You get to pay as low as $49 for this deal on some sites well discounted. The pricing includes all the features of IPinator.


IPinator allows you to easily enjoy connections away from hackers and government scrutiny. It comes with ample encryption that lows you to work in anonymity. This is ideal for streaming. It also comes with a simple interface that allows you to start browsing at the click of a button. The interface has especially been designed to work with streaming TV.


IPinator also allows you to work on a number of platforms. These include Windows, Mac and Android. They have not yet provided a platform for the iOS users but promise to do so soon. The best thing about having a number of platforms during streaming is that you can use different devices. Most devices at home will have different operating systems. Having diversity on this allows you to connect on different devices easily. It however, does not provide more than one simultaneous connections meaning that you can only use one device at a time. Some VPNs will allow you to connect to more than one device at the same time. This allows you to use a different device surfing at the same time within or without the same vicinity. This ability also lets you surf using the same device from any country you travel to.


One of the things you need to understand is that your internet will matter when it comes to performance. This will affect the download speed of the stream. The download speeds need to be ample enough to allow the TV to render fast and easily. The VPN will affect the upload speed. The VPN service needs to have good and stable VPN speeds for streaming to work. A good upload speed will allow this. VPNs with low upload speeds are ideal for simple internet browsing. Heavier speeds will allow streaming HD pictures. IPinator allows you to stream easily.


Installing IPinator is a simple process that involves signing in through an email and a password. You will then have the ability to access the payment options. The billings system will require more personal details as compared to the signing in option. You will then choose your preferred IP address and country and get connected. The android platform does not require any configuration meaning that one can connect directly and easily.

IPnator compared to other VPNS

IPinator will work as well as many other VPNs in the market. One clear advantage that this VPN has over the rest is the lifetime subscription. This simply means that you only get to pay once and enjoy their support for the rest of your life. Most of the other VPN services will need you to renew your subscription every other month or year; the fact of the matter is that they will also come with more features than IPinator.

One of the many features available in others but not available in IPinator is the use of simultaneous devices. Most of the other VPNs will provide more than one way to connect to the VPN. This makes it ideal to use more than one device at the same time.

IPinator also comes with a simple website that allows simple configuration. This is an added advantage for the users. There is an option of upgrading to more servers. They boast of over 2000 IP addresses in over 80 countries. Other VPNs will have over half a million. The IP addresses are still sufficient for anonymous surfing.

There has not been complaints about their speeds meaning that they are well stable. The best streaming speeds are about 4-6mbps, which will allow good streaming. Speeds lower than this are good for standard viewing.

IPinator comes with an OpenVPN service. This unlike many other paid VPN services provides for a single protocol. This is more than enough for streaming.

Using IPinator is way better than using shared VPNs. Shared VPNs will be easily cracked down and blocked thanks to the fact that they load on one IP address. Netflix and Hulu look for IP addresses that are streaming more than usual and block them. People using these will then shift to another working shared IP address. Using IPinator provides you with a unique IP address that allows you to surf in complete anonymity.

IPinator does not keep logs. There is simply no way that your log-ons can be followed up. Some VPN services such as IPVanish will have log-ons. Log-ons will enable the government to follow up on what was surfed. Some VPN services are required by law in some countries to provide the log on details when needed. This will be dependent on where their servers are placed.

Using streaming services may not be a gross misconduct but could be so in restricted nations. Keeping safe while browsing whether at the office or home is key. A good VPN will ensure that you are free from middlemen, no matter their intentions.

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