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Livedrive is an online backup solution with two unrestricted back-up strategies to select from, both which can be tailored and also fine-tuned to function best for your arrangement. If you are in the market for an online backup service, you’re not alone. Many home users, small business owners and entrepreneurs have decided to turn to the clouds to store their precious data online. So, which online clouding service will you choose? There are many options available. Here’s a rundown of Livedrive’s features to get you started on your quest.

If Livedrive feels like something you could have an interest in, keep reading for even more details on the plans it supplies, the attributes you’ll have the ability to make use of, as well as my ideas on exactly how it worked for me.

Registering for Livedrive

Have a look at my Livedrive Tour for extra on just how the software-end of Livedrive’s solution works, like the best ways to set up your preliminary back-up, what type of great tuning you’re able to do, as well as whole lots much more.

Create A Free Account

Livedrive deals two unlimited back-up plans that each can be acquired in among 3 ways, with a discount applied if you get a full 2 years of the service at once:

Livedrive Backup

This is the least costly strategy you can buy from Livedrive. It supplies an unlimited quantity of room to back up as many documents as you would certainly such as from one computer.

These are the rate options for Livedrive Back-up: Month to Month: $8/ month; 1 Year: $84 ($ 7/ month).

Even more computer systems can be included for an extra $1.50/ month, each.

Livedrive Pro

Livedrive Pro Collection also supports an endless amount backup room, yet it lets you backup as much as 5 computers instead of simply one.

Below are the different acquisition alternatives you have if you acquire Livedrive Pro Suite: Month to Month: $25/ month; 1 Year: $240 ($ 20/ month).

Much like with the Backup plan, you could include added computer systems for $1.50/ month.

Pro Collection likewise includes a built-in plan called Brief-case, which gives you 2 TB of cloud space you could utilize for saving documents online.

A lot more can be had in 1 TB increments for $8/ month.

The difference between Brief-case and the routine backup function of Pro Suite is that the data aren’t supported automatically. Instead, you treat Brief-case like another hard drive attached to your computer system as well as whatever you replicate to it is published to your 5 TB account.

Data and folders you place in your Briefcase instantly replicate to the various other computers you have actually affixed to your account. And also, you can share data from your Briefcase with any individual you like, and also conveniently duplicate documents from your Pro Suite account into your Brief-case.

Livedrive Briefcase

can in fact be bought outside of the Pro Collection strategy, and even along with the Back-up plan, but it’s not a real back-up service per se.

These are the prices options for the standalone Briefcase plan: Month to Month: $16/ month; 1 Year: $156/ year ($ 13/ month). If acquired alone or with the Backup strategy, 2 TB of area is included at this rate, with the capacity to purchase more in 1 TB increments for $8/ month.

Compare Livedrive’s strategies to the plans of various other prominent online back-up solutions in these contrast tables: Unrestricted Online Backup Plan Costs and Multi-Computer Online Back-up Plan Rates.

Livedrive Organisation is an additional plan supplied by Livedrive that’s aimed for the whole workplace with support for cloud collaboration, more individuals, lots of cloud storage space, documents sharing, a main admin control board, FTP gain access to, and much more.

Livedrive does not have a cost-free back-up strategy, however any of it’s paid plans can be tried for a period of 14 days before you commit to acquiring a subscription to the solution. Settlement information is called for to trigger the test, but you typically aren’t billed up until the trial runs out.

If you’re brand-new to online back-up and would like to experiment with a cost-free plan initially, see my listing of complimentary online back-up prepare for several of those.

Livedrive Features

Documents you backup with Livedrive will instantly begin publishing to your online account with unlimited space to hold everything, which is specifically how a back-up solution need to be.

Storage Rating: 9/10

One of the great features of Livedrive is the unlimited storage space. No matter how many files you currently have saved on your MAC or PC and no matter how many more you will acquire in the future, you will always have storage space. If you choose to go with their Pro Suite package, you’ll get unlimited online backup for up to five computers for not much more. This is the way to go if you are using multiple machines at home.

Backup Rating: 9/10

Livedrive Backup quietly operates in the background as you use your computer. No need to enlist your tech-savvy friend to figure it out. Your files are automatically saved and stored online each time. This saves you the burden of remembering to do so. It’s easy to install as well. One common complaint, however is that it’s slow.

Security Rating:  9/10

The mere thought of saving your personal or business files online may have you fearful for their security. Livedrive promises privacy. They keep multiple copies of your files as well as encrypt them with military-grade encryption. Even the most weathered hackers would have a difficult time accessing that level of security, or is that just what they want you to believe?

A source from say’s the following “Security is where I feel LiveDrive falls on its face. What could be a replacement to Mozy doesn’t have anywhere near the same security options. All files by default are transmitted in the clear over the Internet, and you have to hunt for the setting in the individual client to set it to use SSL.” In short it may not be “military grade” security.

Sharing and Syncing Features

livedriveOnce your files are backed-up online, you can access them from anywhere, including your mobile phone and tablet. This is a great feature for when you’re on vacation or traveling for business. If you’re considering Livedrive for business purposes, you will appreciate Briefcase the syncing feature. Files are integrated between all PCs allowing employees to use multiple computers and take work home. You can also see who’s made changes to files and when. If there’s an issue that arises with a certain file, you know exactly who to go to.

Livedrive offers its customers many options at a fair price. If you can deal with the security issues and speed, it does have features that are valuable to both the business owner as well as to the home user. However, before deciding that this is the service for you, consider taking advantage of some of the free trials out there. Most of the online clouding companies will lock you in for a year once you sign up. It always pays to do your research. Happy Clouding!


  • Sync all your devices – PC, Mac, iOS devices, Android, etc..
  • Backup mobile devices
  • Unsurpassed file protection & security


  • having to pay for an upgrade of uploading files larger than 1GB
  • No file streaming

Our Verdict:

LiveDrive is one of the original Cloud services and their credentials are one of the best we have found so far. Security is top-notch with these guys.

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