pCloud Review 2022 Edition – The Best Dropbox Alternative?

With the rise of cloud storage in recent years, it’s understandable why so many people prefer to use it for all sorts of things, such as storing confidential client data. It has revolutionized our data and is a necessary part of every business. 

But among so many cloud service providers, it can be a daunting task to decide which one is best for you. With so many options available, it can be challenging to find the right service that suits your needs.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a cloud service is that it should suit your needs and work for how you use your devices. If you’re unsure where to start, the pCloud Review can help!

We’ve put together a list of the top features of pCloud and why they might work best for your needs. When it comes time to choose, just consult the list and make an educated decision. And this review will give you a complete overview of the product and its supported features.

Need to say, pCloud is an excellent choice with its competitive pricing and great features, such as top-level security, sync up, speed, and sharing files with others. Further features include a user-friendly interface, client apps for Windows and Mac OS X, 2-step verification, AES-256 encryption, robust API, file version history, and more. 

Furthermore, pCloud is a solid alternative to Dropbox and Google Drive, especially for enterprise users.

pCloud Review


pCloud is a highly secure service for storing your data, offering state-of-the-art encryption. This includes their exclusive zero-knowledge encryption, where only you have access to your data, and no one else has access even if requested by legal authorities.

 It uses 256-bit AES while data is transferring between client and server, and also it remains encrypted on the server-side. In addition, pCloud uses SSL/TLS for complete assurance that nobody but ourselves can read any transmissions made between client and server during transmission. 

And as well as keeping everything encrypted within our servers themselves, there isn’t even anything left accessible by accident should something happen internally.

pCloud Crypto 

This secure cloud storage service also provides a unique security feature called pCloud Crypto. pCloud Crypto is a feature of the pCloud storage service that encrypts your files before uploading them on their online server. This makes it impossible for anyone except you to access your files, even if they access your pCloud account.

pCloud Crypto is available as a paid add-on to the pCloud storage service. It can be used to encrypt any type of file, including photos, videos, documents, and music files. The encryption process is simple and takes just a few seconds. Files encrypted with pCloud Crypto can be opened and viewed on any device, regardless of which operating system it uses.

Privacy Policy of pCloud

pCloud is a Swiss company, and as such, it is subject to Swiss law, which offers some of the most robust data protection laws in the world. pCloud’s privacy policy is transparent and straightforward. And it does not sell your data to other third parties and takes steps to protect user privacy. 

pCloud also has a solid commitment to transparency and accountability. And it has a strict no-logs policy in place, meaning that your data is never stored or monitored. Furthermore, pCloud employs state-of-the-art security technologies, including 256-bit AES encryption and 2-factor authentication, to ensure that your files are always safe and secure.

Interface of pCloud

pcloud web interface

Web interface

Pcloud provides an excellent web-based interface that helps you manage your online files using a user-friendly interface that makes them easy to use. And you can access your files from any web browser, and there are a variety of features that make it a powerful tool for managing your files.

Here are some important folder menus that you can find on the left side of a cloud:


You can find the other three folders under the browse folder, including public, rewind, and trash.

Public: This tool allow sharing and embedding files publically.

Rewind: This tool helps view or access an older version of files.

Trash: If files or folders are deleted from the cloud, they will stay in the TRASH folder for 15 days before permanently being deleted.

Backup: This folder provides desktop and mobile apps to backup files. A cloud drive will install into your system for backup when you install applications. Furthermore, it allows to directly import a backup from 3rd party services, including onedrive, google drive, and Google photos.

Crypto folder: We have already discussed it.

Shared: This tool will show you shared files and folders. 

And some are others that you can explore yourself.

Desktop interface:

Desktop interface of pcloud

The desktop interface is a bit different from the web-based. That shows the menu of other vital tabs horizontally, including account, backup, sync, shares, file request, Crypto, setting, etc.

 Here you should note two different folders are not available in the web version, including sync and setting, although the setting tab is available on the right side under the account menu on web. But it does not provide an advanced level of customization, which you find in the desktop version.

Mobile interface

mobile interface of pCloud

The mobile interface is also very user-friendly and fast to navigate. Personally, I found it excellent to access files stored on pCloud. There is plus sign button to easily upload new files and rest of menus options are similar that we have discussed in web-based version.


pcloud syning

Syncing features in cloud storage allows users to have the same files on all their devices. And this is an excellent feature for those users who use more than one device, such as a computer and a phone. To enable sync features in the cloud, then follow these steps:

Download the pCloud desktop app and install it. After installing the desktop version, open the app, and you’ll see this type of interface. Just click on the sync option from the menu. 

This will lead you to the following interface. Here you can note I have already added one folder for syncing.

 To add a new folder, click on add new sync, and a new tab will open. Now, the select folder you want to sync from the device and bottom folder will automatically be selected that will contact devices folder with cloud folder. 

adding syning

Now, click add sync. Congratulations, everything is done, and the cloud is starting syncing your files in real-time. Any changes in your local selected folder will automatically update on a cloud server. And if you want to end it, just click on the stop button, the cloud will stop syncing files.

pcloud syning is start working

File sharing

pCloud provides an excellent sharing feature that allows you to share your personal cloud storage files with your friends and family. When you click on the share button, the cloud offers two options: share link and invite to folder.

pcloud sharing folder

Share link

file sharing option

Share a link allowing you to share any files or folder with anyone; just copy the link URL generated by the pCloud and send it to users. Additionally, with these features, it also offers other great features, for example

· Upload

By enabling this option, another user will upload files in shared folders.

· Download

If you enable this feature, other users will download your files.

· Password protection

You confidently share any file or folder protected with a password using this feature. No one will open a file without entering the required password.

· Expiration date

If you want to share a file for a specific period, enable this option; after the expiration date/time, data will stop being accessible.

· Branding

Branding is an excellent option for users who want to share links with their own name, logo, and title.

Invite to folder

invite to folder

With this option, the cloud allows you to invite any user by entering their name or email and clicking on the Share button.

Note: this option is for folders only and does not work for single or multiple files.

 Customer Support

pCloud is behind its big rivals like SpiderOak and Sync.com, which offer multiple ways of contacting with support team, including live chat. However, pCloud does not offer live chat support. You can only reach the support team directly via the web form or by emailing them. The company also provides a direct phone call option for their clients to get faster response times from their staff members.

pCloud pricing

pCloud offer multiple affordable plans for every type of budget. It provides there different subscription, including individual, family, and business.

pCloud Family plan pricing

With a family subscription, cloud-only provides a lifetime subscription and does not offer annual or monthly plans. With a lifetime deal, you can get 2TB storage space for 500$.

Individual pricing

Under this category, the cloud offers two different plans, including annual and lifetime. Annual subscription include 500GB in $49.99 and 2TB in $99.00. While lifetime subscription gives the same storage amount of $175 and $350.

Business pricing

3rd paid plan that the cloud is offering is business. With a monthly subscription, it provides 1TB storage is $9.99. But with annual subscription, you will get a good discount ($$7.99). However, it does not offer a lifetime subscription with a business plan.

pCloud pricing lifetime

Pcloud is unique because it makes it an outstanding cloud storage service from its competitors in the market. This company allows its users to attain lifetime subscriptions. It provides these options in Individual and Family Packages.

Final conclusion on pCloud Review

pCloud offers affordable plans for every type of budget and provides solid security and other excellent features like file sharing, syncing, excellent interface, etc. Although it does not offer live chat support, its customer service is available via email or phone. pCloud is unique because it provides lifetime subscriptions that allow users to store a good amount of data with just paying 

Onetime payment.

FAQs on PCloud Review

Is pCloud safe?

Yes, pCloud is the most secure and safe cloud storage solution that enables you to store your data remotely and access it from anywhere in the world. It’s a great way to keep your files safe and protected while freeing up space on your hard drive that offers military-grade security encryption and 24/7 support, so you can rest assured that your data is always safe and confidential.

Is pCloud a good deal?

Yes, pCloud is a good deal. It’s affordable, secure, and private. You can use it to store any type of data, including documents, videos, music, and pictures. Plus, you can access your files from a laptop, mobile, and any device. 
So, it is the perfect solution that needs secure storage with advanced features. For $350, you get access to 2TB of storage for a lifetime- that’s more storage than most people will ever need – tension-free subscription paying monthly and annually.

Is pCloud free forever?

Yes, you can get 5GB of storage free of cost for a lifetime with a free plan.

Is pCloud lifetime really lifetime?

Yes, pCloud offers a lifetime subscription, which means you get to keep your account and all of your files forever (for 99 years), with no additional fees. However, as with any cloud storage provider, pCloud maintains the right to discontinue service or modify its policies at any time.

Which is better, pCloud or Dropbox?

pCloud is better than Dropbox because it is cheaper, more secure, and more private that also offers zero-knowledge level encryption security. And it is also faster than dropbox. But dropbox is a much better option for sharing and collaboration features.

Is pCloud safer than Google Drive?

Yes, pCloud is considered much safer than Google Drive. Google Drive is known to be less secure, and it has been compromised in the past. In fact, a recent study showed that Google Drive is among the worst cloud services when it comes to protecting user privacy. pCloud, on the other hand, has a robust security protocol and is committed to protecting user privacy.

Can pCloud see my data?

pCloud is a secure cloud storage service that offers the best security measures to protect your data. Your files are encrypted using robust encryption algorithms, and only you can decrypt them.

 Additionally, your files are stored on multiple servers in different locations worldwide, so they are always available when you need them.

pCloud also respects your privacy. They never sell your personal information to third parties, and they will never spam you or send you unwanted email notifications. Your data is yours, and it will always remain that way.

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