SSD vs HDD for GAMING – 7 Main Factors to Decide Best One

Gamers! Are you confused about which storage device to opt for? The traditional HDD (which we all have heard off) or the shiny new SSD (which on its own is state of the art). 

The war of supremacy between SSD vs HDD for gaming is ongoing, with many gamers still confused about which one is the best. However, after reading this article, you will be able to resolve this confusion, as we will be discussing which storage drive is most suitable for your gaming needs

Solid State Drives have exceeded gaming benchmarks in recent years, with many professional gamers switching to it. But is an SSD worth it? Or is it just a commercial tactic and marketing hype to seize a more significant share in the market?

There are many factors to consider when deciding which storage device to opt for, like cost, capacity, durability, performance (speed), form factor, etc. let’s look at each factor in detail which will help you decide which one to go for.

SSD VS HDD for GAMING – Complete Guide


Without any doubt, SSD has superior speed performance and thrashes traditional HDD. In terms of performance, the SSD has no match. The data transfer speed of an SSD undoubtedly surpasses that of an HDD.

As tested by experts, the read speed of Solid-State Drive is ten times faster, while the write speed is 20 times faster than that of a Hard disk drive, making SSD a favourite storage device for gamers. Moreover, modern triple A-games require demon speed of drives for loading games, which can be achieved using SSD.

For gaming, if you use an SSD, you will have faster boot time and data transmission with improved loading time, hence a better gaming experience. At the same time, HDD might take more time to load your games. If you want to avoid the hassle of waiting, it is recommended by gaming experts to install SSD. Because yeah! Who wants to wait for games to load? 


In terms of cost, HDD is the clear winner. Overall, the cost of SSD is four times that of HDD for the same storage level. Although the prices of SSD are coming down, there is a long wait for SSD to become potentially affordable by gamers.

Due to the high cost of SSD, many gamers are still stuck with HDD. But don’t worry! We have a solution for you. Phew! You don’t need to choose one. You can use a combination of both the drives suited according to your budget without compromising on the performance.

If you are pinching on money, you can use HDD for different application storage and a smaller SSD for your main drive. In this way, you can achieve maximum speed for your games without putting stress on your pockets.


In terms of storage capacity, HDDs are far ahead of SSD. Currently, the highest storage capacity available in HDD is much higher compared to that of an SSD. With so many modern games like Call of duty: modern warfare and Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy etc., requiring a huge amount of storage space. With some quickly pushing to the 200GB mark.

Given the storage capacity of HDDs, they are the only solution available to back up your precious game data. The storage debate is ongoing as more SSDs with higher storage capacity are coming on the market. However, the price of such an SSD is beyond the affordability for many gamers. Hence HDD, for now, remains a viable option. Moreover, if the internal drive is not enough, you can also go with an external storage disk.


When comparing the durability of SSD vs. HDD, SSD surely wins that last longer. SSD’s use semiconductor chips rather than spinning disks, which means SSD has no moving parts, which generally makes them more durable and less noisy in extreme environments.

Unlike HDDs, they can withstand accidental drops, magnetic fields, and a harsh environment, making them less vulnerable to damage. Because of this, SSD has longer lifespan-good news for all gamers. SSD offers an additional advantage of shock and vibration resistance for all those who love gaming on a laptop.

Form factors

Form factor, in simple terms, means the hardware design that defines the physical aspects like size, shapes, and other physical features. Both SSD and HDD are available in 3 form factors, which we will be discussing below.

2.5 inch:

For both SSD and HDD, 2.5 inches is a standard size factor. This drive size is designed to fit in all types of devices, be it a laptop or desktop computer. They are intended for users to have a smooth transition while moving to higher-performing drives.


M.2 is a minor form factor for SSD, like a stick of gum. These are designed explicitly for power-constrained devices like ultra-thin laptops. Not only do they provide massive storage capacity, but they also have superior speed performance for loading all your favourite games.


Portable drives like Crucial X8 allow you to easily carry your games wherever you go. You can have a whole library of games on your portable drives without running out of your storage space for your primary purposes.

Furthermore, you can use external drives to easily store your PS5 and XBOX series games without further burdening your internal storage space.

Energy efficiency

As we have already mentioned, SSD do not have any moving parts, making them less noisy and, overall, more energy-efficient than HDD. This also means that you will have better battery life, which means more game time.

Final verdict- SSD VS HDD for gaming

It is crucial to keep in mind that HDD and SSD are not competitors; they are teammates. Both of them have their pros and cons. Like SSD is fast but costs a lot more than HDD. In contrast, HDD is more extensive in storage and cheaper, with slow read and write speed. 

However, it is vital to note that there is a negligible difference between the performance of SSD vs. HDD in less demanding games. But modern games like Total Warhammer require faster load time, which can be achieved using SSD.

The best scenario is to use them collectively to achieve maximum benefits and get in your games faster. Pairing SSD with HDD will allow you to maximize your storage capacity and performance without compromising on your budget.

Don’t forget to check the specifications of your device before ordering any drive. If you plan on using your laptop for gaming, you should invest in an SSD. But if you are building a gaming PC, a combination of SSD and HDD will help you get all the benefits. 

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