StreamJack TV SmartDNS Review – Unblock Geo-Restricted Video Streaming

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]StreamJack TV comes with a custom DNS which is much faster than VPNs. This protects the user from the prying eyes of the hackers. The DNS service has been specially built for the purpose of streaming sites like Hulu, Netflix, crackle, Amazon prime and Twitch. Using the DNS service comes with a number of benefits highlighted below.

  • Bypass internet censorship

One of the best advantages that comes with using StreamJack TV is complete censorship. This allows you to browse in complete anonymity. Surfing using normal internet channels opens you up to a world of insecurities. Your data can be easily intercepted and read or seen. Using a good VPN ensures that your data transfer, no matter the type, remains hidden from everyone else. The same applies to the DNS service. You will be able to use streaming sites without being blocked.

  • Enjoy a reliable and fast way of watching TV and listening to radio

One of the best ways to watch streaming sites is by using a reliable VPN. The better VPN providers offer a combination of good speeds and privacy. StreamJack TV uses DNS which is much faster than VPNs. The servers have to be stable enough to allow streaming without unpleasant disconnections even once.

  • No logs

One of the best things about StreamJack TV is that it does not have logs. This means that your activities will not be monitored in any way. VPNs without logs allows for complete anonymity. Those with logs will often hand over the log on details to the government when asked to do so.

  • Use hand-picked dedicated servers

StreamJack TV provides the user with dedicated IP addresses that eliminate the problem of crowding on IPs. Hulu and Netflix among many other streaming sites are on a crackdown looking for IP addresses that are anonymous. The only way for them to know this is by tracking those that seem to have unusual activity. StreamJack TV provides dedicated addresses for the purpose of browsing completely undetected.

  • Unblock streaming services

There are many restrictions when it comes to streaming sites. Some are simply not allowed in some countries. The DNS service eliminates firewalls and any other restrictions allowing the user to stream without any blockages.

StreamJack TV Pricing

StreamJack TV comes with a number of pricing packages that the user can choose from. All these packages will come with different features. The more you pay, the more you enjoy.

$4.99 per month: This package allows you good security while browsing. You also get good unlimited speeds. Good speeds are crucial for the purpose of uploading and downloading files. A slow uploading speed will affect streaming adversely. It will not matter that you have very fast internet on your side. The package also provides you with 13 locations with 500 servers. You can also connect 5 devices simultaneously. This means that you get to use more than one devices at the same time on a single platform.

$49.99: You also get good security while browsing away from hackers and other middlemen. The package allows you unlimited speeds for the purpose of pleasant streaming. You get to access over 500 servers in 134 locations. This provides you with more than enough IP addresses to choose from. The package comes with the ability to connect to more than one devices at the same time. It gives you the choice of using a different device in the bedroom while someone else is using another in the living room without affecting the speeds of the DNS service.

$79.99 Annually: This is the cheapest option monthly. It also comes with one extra feature other than what is provided by the rest. You get VPN software from Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. This is beside enjoying top security, high-speed unlimited browsing using 5 devices simultaneously and access to 500 servers in 13 different locations.

The packages come with a money back guarantee that allows you to try out the product without a permanent commitment. You can get a refund if the product does not reach your expectations.


streamjack-pricingStreamJack TV Website

The smart DNS website is one of the most user-friendly interfaces when it comes to VPN options. You can easily sign up using an email address and a designated password. This can be changed if you log in the website later. You will then get access to an interface that allows you to choose a billing method. This will require more personal details depending on the option you pick. After paying, you will be given access to a dashboard that will allow you to configure and get access to your browsing option. Unlike ages ago when VPN services were all about manual configurations, this is all about picking already provided countries and IP addresses. The IP addresses can be switched at will with lightning fast connections.

Platforms Supported

StreamJack TV DNS is possible on a number of platforms. These include Android, Mac, iOS and Windows. The versatility is added up by the ability to use more than one device. This simply means that one can access the internet from anywhere in the world using a different device in 5 available connections without switching any at any point. It also makes the use of streaming TV more ideal thanks to the fact that different people can enjoy different programming on the same VPN using different IP addresses and servers.

Doing this without deterring the speed of the connections is ideal. The performance of any VPN service is affected by the download and upload speeds. The upload speeds will be directly affected by the DNS. A good VPN service that works with streaming sites will need to have more than 4mbps to work well. This can however, be hampered by your download speeds. Your resident internet connection has to match these speeds for an ideal streaming condition. It is therefore, important that you invest in good internet speeds before looking for a streaming VPN. Speeds of 6mbps and above will work well with heavy data and HD streaming. This will cost slightly more but will be worth every penny.

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