Tapnet Cloud Storage & Backup Review

Tapnet has been providing cloud backup and cloud storage services for individuals and businesses for over 8 years.  One great thing that Tapnet provides is that you can backup from practically any computer including all Windows desktops/laptops/tablets, Max OSX desktops and laptops, Unix/Linux Desktops including Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS, and Suse OS.  Have a NAS device? Well you can back those up as well for no additional charges. NAS devices such as Synology (ARM) and (Intel x86) and QNAP for example.

Some other major features is that it offer a hassle free experience. Once you set up the software it will run gently in the background on a schedule that you have specified. If you backup files that change constantly, you can rest assure that Tapnet will keep unlimited versions of the changed files. This is great if you need to restore an older version of a file.

Deleted File support – with the cloud storage option you can purposely or accidentally delete the original file from your computer and be sure that there will be a copy stored safely in your cloud account that you can restore from at any time.  They also support AES encryption up to 256 AES which is military grade if you wish to encrypt your files. You will also need to specify a password which only you know.

Smartphone support – use the app for iPhone/iPad or Android and access your files on the go wherever you are.

So that covers the major features of Tapnet cloud backup and storage. Let’s take a look at the interface to see what you would be getting into.

  1. Once you install the software you are presented with what you want to backup. Select specific folders/files or backup your entire computer.


2. Set to enable compression or encryption up to 256 AES if needed.


3. Specify any notifications if you want to receive alerts.


4. Set the scheduler if you want the backup process to be totally hands free and automated.


5. You can also set the retention policy.


6. After all setting have been set you can choose to run the backup plan now or wait until the first scheduled scan.  That’s it. Your backup plan is now in place and you can sit back and know that your files will be backed up automatically.



Restoring files is just as easy:

  1. tapnet-restore
  2. tapnet-restore2

That’s all there is to restoring files.

You can also view your backup on any web browser by logging into your account.  From here you can download any file. This is great for being able to have access to any of your files whenever and wherever you need them.


TAPNET Online Backup also:

  • is HIPAA-compliant & totally secure
  • has dedicated servers
  • provides complete revision history

All in all Tapnet’s Cloud Backup and Storage solution is a pretty reliable and solid solution that any individual or business should have for their backup needs.

Stacksocial is offering a 3yr plan for only $69 or so. This is by far the lowest price you will ever find for a backup + storage plan for this long.


Rob Boirun

Rob Boirun

Staring in the storage industry in 1999, I worked for a DVD Burning API company that provided the burning engine for iTunes and other burning software. Today my love for all types of storage is being displayed here.

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