These VPNs Are Still Working Solutions for Streaming Netflix – 2019

Some Netflix customers have been a bit disgruntled lately. The video streaming service’s efforts to block Virtual Personal Networks (VPNs) are succeeding to a big degree, as lots of popular VPNs no longer let you see videos on Netflix.

In the long term, the Netflix crackdown on VPNs is doomed to fail. However, right now, several users are stuck to simply their own area’s catalog of motion pictures and TV shows. So what can YOU do to treat this circumstance? The good news is, there are a couple of options that still work …

Wait, What’s Happening?
A couple of months ago, Netflix announced it is getting serious in its crackdown against area pirates. In easy terms, it is blacklisting the most popular method to circumvent geographical restrictions on what material you can view.

You see, Netflix has region-based contracts with manufacturers to air their programs or movies. So, for example, Breaking Bad might be certified on Netflix U.S.A however not on Netflix UK. If a Netflix UK customer wishes to watch the show, they would have to utilize a VPN or a SmartDNS to deceive Netflix into believing they are present in the United States.

Generally, utilizing VPNs and SmartDNS, you can see everything on Netflix no matter where you live. Today Netflix is obstructing many of these VPNs.

Several of the best VPN services are no longer letting users bypass area limitations on Netflix, consisting of Hola Unblocker, BetterNet, Tunnelbear, and TorGuard. But Netflix hasn’t navigated to obstructing every VPN yet. We tried and tested a huge lot of VPNs and found 2 excellent complementary services that are still working, in addition to two paid services for those who do not mind investing a little cash.

Recommended VPN To Use To Access Netflix

HideMyAss! (Paid)

1 HideMyAss donkey grey 1  HideMyAss! VPN is my new goto for unblocking Netflix in the USA now. Since I do a lot of traveling to Canada, I found that using HideMyAss! for allowing access to my USA Netflix is the most reliable. Even though the others on this page are reliable as well, I have been using HideMyAss! more often lately. Plus their VPN network is rock solid.

1 Month HMA! Pro VPN | Click Here For the Latest Promos on HideMyAss!

VyprVPN (Paid)

VyprVPN logo

I found a 25% off code to use to save on any of the plans.

Getflix (Paid)

If you’re preparing to spend for a VPN service or a SmartDNS service to unblock Netflix region restrictions, your option is clear: Smartflix. It’s the one app Netflix fears more than the other.

Getflix is better than other VPN services or SmartDNS services for a few factors:.

It is focused just on Netflix. So every time Netflix aims to block it, the designers find out a new method around it. You’re guaranteed that “keeping Netflix running” is the top concern.
It unblocks all nations all at once, so you can browse Netflix’s whole worldwide catalog and watch anything.
It is the absolute most basic way to utilize unblocked Netflix. You do not need to do anything. Just start the app, search around, and start enjoying.
Plus it has foreign movie subtitles and lets you upload your very own subtitles, adds features like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings, and more. There’s likewise an active Reddit community if you require assistance or assistance with anything.

The only capacity problem is that Getflix isn’t totally free. It costs $3.99-per-month or $39.90 for the year. However offered how well it works and how excellent it is, we believe it deserves it.

Download: Smartflix for Windows ($ 3.99/ month) or for Mac ($ 3.99/ month).

TNT StreamUnblocker SmartDNS

TNT Stream Unblocker is a newcomer to the market but their main focus in the past was on building and growing a large VPN network over the past 8 years. Today they offer over 8000 IPs in over 80 countries and are offering their network to the SmartDNS crowd in the form of StreamJack TV. On Windows, they offer an IP changer tool where you easily select the location you want to be seen in. They have new technology in place to overcome the new implementations that Netflix is using to detect VPN/DNS users.

Download: StreamJack TV from $2.99 a month

HotSpot Shield

Without a doubt, Hotspot Shield is the best complimentary VPN service to still deal with Netflix. Why? First, it works throughout a number of platforms. Second, and maybe more notably, it’s extremely easy to set up. And 3rd, it offers you a wide variety of areas so you can select Netflix catalogs from various countries. Currently, Hotspot Shield supports the U.S.A, France, Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany, India, Denmark, Sweden, and more.

Just visit Hotspot Shield’s download page and grab the app for desktop or mobile. Start it up and you’ll be asked to connect, then pick a nation. On a desktop, you can simply open a web browser and go to Netflix to begin viewing it. On mobile, you’ll need to add the Netflix app to Hotspot Guard and run it through Hotspot.

There you go, you’re ready to browse the Netflix brochure and start viewing. In case you do not want to browse, there are other ways to browse across regions to discover a film or TV program.

Hotspot Shield also has a Google Chrome extension, in case you don’t wish to download the real client. But you’ll probably wish to get the desktop variations so that you can see Netflix in 1080p HD on Internet Explorer or Safari, since Chrome and Firefox limit it to 720p HD.

Download: Hotspot Shield

KeeNow (Free).

Yes, Chrome aggravatingly limits Netflix videos to 720p HD, but there are also some great Chrome add-ons to make a much better Netflix experience. If you want to continue utilizing Chrome for unlimited access, then attempt KeeNow.

Technically, KeeNow is a SmartDNS, which is arguably better than a VPN to access the region-blocked video. The one major advantage of a SmartDNS service is that it does not path your data through another server like a VPN does. Completion result is that you’re practically using your existing bandwidth and the video streaming won’t slow down by going through an intermediate server someplace.

On the downside, KeeNow is a bit more difficult to establish than HotSpot Shield. You’ll need to dig through your network settings to discover the DNS server, and include the two DNS IP addresses KeeNow provides you. There are detailed guidelines and it’s not brain surgery, however that said, not everyone will be comfortable taking this step.

While installing KeeNow, you’ll likewise be triggered to install the MediaTab.TV extension. You have to do this action to finish the setup, once you’re done, feel free to uninstall MediaTab.TV because it isn’t needed to unblock Netflix.

KeeNow was just able to unblock the US brochure for us, not all other nations. And it’s ad-supported, which might irritate some users. You can pay $5-per-month to obtain rid of those ads though.

Download: KeeNow extension for Google Chrome (Free). (Update: we have been testing this and found that has not been working) We will keep you updated if and when they make an update to this.

Does Your Provider Still Work With Netflix?

Provided Netflix’s devoted fight versus VPNs, we cannot assure these will work permanently. However, at the time of composing this (May 2016), the ones kept in mind above were letting you access Netflix in various nations.

For this short article, I attempted a large range of VPNs and only discovered the ones detailed above to be working without a problem. If you’re utilizing Netflix with a VPN and it’s still working, inform the other people reading this which VPN you utilize! Here’s the list of VPNs I checked and found to be not working:.

SurfEasy (Paid)– Not working.
TorGuard (Paid)– Not working.
HideMyAss (Paid)– Not working.
CyberGhost (Free+ Paid)– Not working.
OkayFreedom (Free)– Not working.
Unlocator (Paid)– Not working (But reported to be working by numerous United States users).
Have you got another name to add to this list? If so, please let us know in the comments listed below. Together we can track which VPNs are handling to remain one step ahead of Netflix, and which have caught their smart obstructing tactics.

Rob Boirun

Rob Boirun

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