How To Unblock The BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer or otherwise known as BBC media player is an internet streaming catchup television and radio service that does not broadcast any commercial advertisement content and it’s meant for those living in the United Kingdom. The BBC media player works on various devices, including mobile phones, computers, smart televisions and tablets.

The BBC iPlayer productions are sponsored by the United Kingdom television license fee and rights agreement with third parties, as a result of this the iPlayer television programs are accessible to those in the UK only but the radio programs are accessed globally except a few sports radio programs that are affected by a few rigid right issues. BBC media player became partially available in a few western European countries but in May 2015 the global player was closed permanently.

However if you live outside the UK and you looking to access the BBC iPlayer continuously then the best solution is using a Virtual Private network (VPN) service provider, and the best to unblock BBC is a service provider called “WASEL Pro VPN”. To use the WASEL pro VPN, the user downloads the application on whatever platform he wants to access BBC on, this VPN service is available on windows/mac, android, and will soon be available iOS platform. The user then signs up for an account then logs into his account using the downloaded application, from the list of available servers they are UK servers listed. Once a UK server is selected it then means the user’ internet protocol address has been changed to look as though the connection is coming from the within the UK. With this the user can now access the BBC iplayer app securely and freely. WASEL pro VPN is not free however as users pay $7 per month but are billed annually. WASEL pro comes with a variety of payment options like PayPal, credit card, web money, cashU and western Union.

There are also plenty of other VPN providers that can unblock BBC and 100’s of other streaming services. See our Best VPNs for UK streaming guide.

Rob Boirun

Rob Boirun

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