How To Unblock Netflix In Canada

How To Unblock Netflix In Canada

In Canada, Netflix restricts some content based on the country in which you live. This denies Canadians access to certain American movies and television. Many people believe it’s no longer possible to unblock American Netflix in Canada, but luckily, you still can access it in less than five minutes—with a little technical know-how.

What Happened to Unblock-US?

Ever since Netflix cracked down on its content block by disabling access through the popular platform Unblock-US, Canadians have complained about the small catalog available to them. Netflix is taking aggressive action to block VPN providers and maintain control of different countries’ viewing options. Netflix’s distribution deals with studios rely heavily on location, making it important for the company to block the use of services like Unblock-US.

Unblock-US failed to answer a slew of customer complaints after Netflix detected the proxy; Unblock-US wiped its social media accounts except for a tweet telling customers to use its support page. Many people thought that the crackdown was the end of unrestricted content viewing, but some Smart Domain Name Server (DNS) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers still work with Netflix—and don’t plan on vanishing anytime soon.

Is American Netflix Worth Watching in Canada?

In light of Netflix’s redoubled efforts to restrict what Canadian viewers can access, many people wonder if working with a Smart DNS and VPN provider is worth the effort. Maneuvering around the block doesn’t have to be difficult, however, and it’s well worth it to unlock more than 3,000 movies the USA enjoys. All Netflix users pay the same price but don’t get the same service. Not only are the numbers sadly lacking, but American Netflix also features more Hollywood blockbusters and new seasons than Canadian Netflix does.

OverPlay: Your Door to U.S. Netflix

Netflix’s aggressive attempts to eliminate VPN access made many people give up on the platform, opting for peer-to-peer (P2P) video content sharing instead. However, providers other than Unblock-US are angry about Netflix’s actions and say they won’t buckle under the pressure. Unblocking Netflix in Canada now requires the use of service providers that work around Netflix’s new and improved blocking techniques.

OverPlay Smart DNS is one of the most reliable providers that still allows full access to U.S. Netflix. Overplay gives access to blocked online media, granting full viewing of restricted content. Unfortunately, it no longer supports streaming on media devices, but you can still unblock Netflix through Windows or Mac on a computer browser.

What Do You Need to Unblock Netflix?

OverPlay makes accessing American Netflix simple. All you need is an active Netflix account, an OverPlay account, and a quick how-to guide to walk you through the setup. OverPlay offers a two-week money-back guarantee and costs only $4.95 per month. If you want to access Netflix on your home’s television instead of your computer, invest in a simple streaming tool that connects the two devices, such as HDMI adapters or Google Chromecast.

Using OverPlay’s Smart DNS service allows users to stream U.S. Netflix at high speeds with no current blockages. OverPlay’s Jetswitch option allows users to simulate various geographical regions of content simultaneously. OverPlay also offers exceptional VPN services, but these won’t help you unblock Netflix.

How to Set Up Smart DNS for Windows

The first step in setting up OverPlay is to block public DNS lookups. Use OverPlay’s guide for this, selecting the article that has your specific router. Once you’ve changed your router settings, test to ensure you’ve correctly blocked Google DNS. You can find this link in the same OverPlay help manual. Then, you’re ready to place OverPlay on your Internet connection.

If you use Windows, conduct a search using the spyglass icon in the upper right-hand corner of your home screen. Search for Control Panel and open the correct option. On the left side of the window, click the option Network and Internet. Then, go to Network and Sharing Center. Click on Change Adapter Settings, and then right click on Local Area Connection. Choose the Properties tab to open the correct window. Scroll down and uncheck the box next to Internet Protocol Version 6.

Select Internet Protocol Version 4, and click the Properties button. This will bring up another window. Select the button that says, “Use the following DNS server addresses,” and then set your primary DNS server to; next, type in the alternate DNS server Click OK, and then the Close button. Restart your computer for the new DNS settings to take effect. Log into OverPlay and go to My Account. Click on the SMARTERDNS tab. If you see a bright green bar, you’ve successfully set up Smart DNS.

How to Set Up Smart DNS for Mac

If you have a Mac operating system, here’s how to set up Smart DNS. Click on the Apple icon in the top left-hand corner of your screen. Go down to System Preferences and click. Then, click on Networks. Select Ethernet from the left-hand menu and then press Advanced; if your connection is wireless, select Wi-Fi instead. In the new window that pops up, click the tab that says DNS. On the bottom left, you’ll see a small plus sign.

Press the “+” to open the space where you can type in your DNS server number. It’s the same number as in the Windows instructions above. Then press Enter. Click the “+” symbol again, and type in the alternate DNS server, also listed above. Press Enter, OK, and Apply, and then close the window. You don’t have to restart your computer for the new settings to take effect.

Now you can enjoy American Netflix. Simply access Netflix as usual, connected to your TV if you wish, and you should automatically have access to the U.S. version. You’ll know if you have unblocked Netflix if you have a wider variety of viewing options. An easy way to verify if you’ve been successful is to conduct a search for the show 30 Rock. Netflix typically blocks this show for Canadian viewers, so if it pops up, you’ve unlocked the American catalog. Happy viewing!

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