VPN vs. Proxies – The Differences Explained

The purpose of using both VPN as well as proxy web servers is to hide the customers identity, or to spoof a particular geo-location (so as an example geo-locked services such as numerous TELEVISION streaming websites may be enjoyed outside their native land). Several VPN Providers, in addition to supplying VPN additionally offer some kind of proxy service, and also there are likewise numerous public proxy servers which can be utilized completely free.

So the concern for lots of people is ‘what is the improvement between a proxy as well as VPN?’, as well as probably a lot more significantly, ‘do I have to use VPN or will a more affordable/ free proxy fit my needs?’.

Executing a similar function, the actual procedures included are very various, as well as consequently have extremely various penalties.

The subject is even more complicated by the truth that there are a variety of various sorts of proxy solutions readily available.

Proxy Servers

A proxy (technically an open proxy) server is a computer that works as an intermediary between your computer as well as the web. Any type of web traffic directed via a proxy web server will certainly show up to come from its IP address, not your computer system’s. Unlike VPN servers, proxy servers do not have to commit resources to encrypting all traffic that goes through them, and also as a result can approve simultaneous cables from a wonderful a lot more individuals (usually 10s of thousands).

Proxy web servers generally interact with the net making use of one of 2 various protocols; HTTP or SOCKS.

HTTP Proxy Servers.

The HTTP procedure is meant to interpret website traffic at the HTTP degree, which implies that it can only manage website traffic that begins with http:// or shttp://, i.e. websites *. It is therefore only great for internet surfing, but because all it is doing is taking care of HTTP requests, it is faster than either Socks proxies or VPN servers.


  • Affordable (and commonly complimentary).
  • Will conceal your IP from standard checks, and also is as a result ok for accessing some geo-restricted websites and also for account development.


  • Just useful for accessing internet sites
  • Smart use of Flash or JavaScript allows many internet sites to identify your true IP
  • HTTP website traffic is not secured, so government surveillance systems and also your ISP can see what you are doing. If linked with HTTPS (SSL) after that traffic could not be kept an eye on, but the IP of the HTTPS site can be logged. SSL encryption is approximately comparable to 128-bit vital length
  • Each internet internet browser must be set up independently to make use of the proxy web server. Nonetheless, fortunately is that this is well assisted by all internet browsers

SOCKS Proxy Servers.

SOCKS servers do not analyze network website traffic whatsoever, which makes them a lot more versatile, but because they are typically dealing with even more traffic, typically slower. The huge benefit of the SOCKS protocol is that it sustains any sort of sort of net web traffic, such as POP3 as well as SMTP for e-mails, IRC conversation, FTP for uploading files to sites, and torrent files. The current version of the method is SOCKS5.


  • Can handle any type of internet web traffic (consisting of torrents).


  • Slower than HTTP.
  • Each item of software program (e.g BitTorrent client) should be set up individually.
  • Same safety and security problems as HTTP.
  • Then a SOCKS proxy with an SSL line might be all you need, if you just need to conceal your identity for BitTorrent downloading and install.

Public Proxy Servers.

Since proxy servers could accept so numerous links, lots of public servers have sprung up which enable anybody to utilize them. Both HTTP as well as Socks servers are offered (with HTTP being much more typical), listings of which could be located, along with the required IP address as well as Port number from such websites as freeproxylist.org as well as Hide My Ass.

Public proxy web servers have a tendency to be highly unpredictable, going on and also off-line without notice, as well as varying extremely in the speed they offer. Along with this, you have to rely on the owners of theses confidential web servers with frequently rather sensitive information, and also there is no support offered. On the hand … they’re free!

Personal Proxy Servers.

These proxy servers are of program not open to the general public, and are typically available for a cost. VPN.S, as an example, offers both an HTTP as well as SOCKS5 solution, while BTGuard and TorGuard offer SOCKS5 ‘gush’ solutions.

These services often be far more trustworthy, are run by companies with excellent track records, and provide extensive assistance. They also typically give tailored software application– for example BTGuard as well as TorGuard provide pre-configured BitTorrent customers.

Internet Proxies.

Web proxy services, such as those located at Hide My Ass as well as CyberGhost, link to a public HTTP web server and also allow you to surf the web anonymously from within your browser home window, without the requirement to download and install and also install any sort of additional software application or configure your bowser setups. They are also totally free. However, not only does using such a solution generally expose you to a stream of adverts, however it usually drops when coming across anything difficult such as Flash material or Java manuscripts. Furthermore this, many of the a lot better recognized internet proxies IP addresses are extensively understood and also blocked by some web sites. While unbelievably simple therefore, their sensible usage is rather restricted.


Digital Private Networks produce an encrypted ‘passage’ between your computer and the host server, with the internet traffic entering as well as from the host web server. Your ISP or government could only see that you have attached to the VPN server and also nothing else– your activities, IP addresses you have checked out and so on are all totally concealed from them behind a minimum of 128-bit encryption.

The VPN server could see exactly what you get up to online, which is why we feel it important that a good VPN service provider to keeps no logs. Anything less, as well as its individuals’ activities could be jeopardized (hence making the safety measure of making use of a VPN to begin with redundant!).

Establishing up VPN does usually include downloading and also setting up a VPN client, or otherwise configuring your computer system or mobile tool, the computing abilities required are minimal, and many suppliers provide in-depth step-by-step arrangement overviews in any kind of case. One good idea is that as soon as established, all your net task, regardless of which program you make use of, is now safely routed through the VPN.

The only notable downsides to VPN are that it is relatively costly, and also the encryption procedure tax obligations the web servers to ensure that when in hefty consumption web gain access to with them can reduce significantly.


  • Net activity could not be snooped on by Governments or isps.
  • High levels of encryption (128-bit to 2048-bit).
  • All web browsing is covered (as soon as VPN established up on tool).


  • Much more pricey compared to proxies.
  • Could be a little bit sluggish during peak times.
  • After that these could be obtained by the authorities, if VPN supplier keeps logs.

Final Summary

VPN is superior in almost every means to proxies. It gives greatly enhanced online anonymity, as well as safeguards your entire on the internet life. In addition to this, due to the fact that ISPs could not monitor your online task, it is an efficient means of bypassing ISP throttling.

Be sure to see our Top 10 VPN List to see which will work best for you.

The only actual reason for picking a proxy service is over VPN is cost, which we understand is an actual element for numerous. Fortunately, for usually much less than $10 each month, VPN solutions do represent great worth for cash.

We will certainly leave with merely one word of caution: absolutely nothing in this world is ever definitely 100 % safe and secure, so be mindful available!

Rob Boirun

Rob Boirun

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