WD vs Seagate External Hard Drive – 6 Main Factors

Many people have a lot of data nowadays, and keeping it all on their desktop or laptop is not a good idea. So, an external hard drive has many features that can lead to the need for a hard drive.

One factor could be running out of space on your current device. And another could be needing to access the duplicate files from multiple devices or even wanting to back up your computer onto an external hard drive in case something ever happens with it.

The two most popular external hard drives brands are WD and Seagate. But which is best that you should choose? Although, it depends on what you’re looking for in your drive. However, this blog post will provide you with a detailed comparison of WD vs Seagate external hard drive to find which one is better for your storage requirements.

What is WD?

Western Digital has been around since 1970 when they first introduced their floppy disk system, which was one of the first magnetic storage systems available at the time (which is now a thing of the past). They have since developed into leading developers and manufacturers of both internal and external hard drives.

What is Seagate?

Seagate has been around since 1979 and was one of the pioneers in the hard disk industry. Seagate is a leading producer of hard drives and storage solutions for businesses, personal computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. They also produce internal and external hard discs with capacities from 500GB to 18TB.

These are main different b/w WD vs Seagate External Hard Drive

Storage Capacity of WD

Storage Capacity of WD vs Seagate

Storage space is a vital feature to look at before purchasing any brand drive since our primary goal for using the drive is to store more data. Therefore, space should be enough to keep all of our files. Western Digital has a range of external hard drives available with different storage capacities, starting at 1TB and up to 14 TB. Seagate also produces hard drives with capabilities from 500 GB to 18 TB. Although, cloud storage become very popular these days, and now users are using cloud storage services to store their data.

Cost of Western Digital vs Seagate Hard Drive

Cost of Western Digital vs Seagate Hard Drive

The cost of an external hard drive can vary depending on the size, speed, brand, and type of drive. Most external hard drives range in price from around $50 to $600. When it comes to price, Seagate is a little more expensive than Western Digital; for example, the price of Seagate IronWolf with 10TB storage space is much higher than WD 10TB Elements HDD. However, the price difference is not that much and may be worth paying for if you need the extra storage capacity.

Data Transfer Speed of WD vs Seagate

One of the main features you must check when purchasing an external hard drive is the data transfer speed. The faster the data transfer speed, the quicker you will save and access files on your hard drive.

Western Digital offers a wide range of storage hard disks with different data transfer speeds. For example, WD My Passport provides 625 MB/S for data reading and writing plus 5400 RPM speed. On the other hand, the data transfer speeds of a Seagate external hard drive range from 250 Mb/s to 5 Gb/s to a high.

This may not be as fast as the data transfer speeds on a WD external hard drive, but if you’re using the device to keep your data backed up, it will work for you. These external hard drives are made to be compatible with significant devices and operating systems. These products have a SATA III, USB 3.0 interface, or a Thunderbolt connection.

Reliability of WD external hard drive

The drive’s reliability depends on many factors like frequency of reading and writing operations, how carefully you use it, temperature, etc. But in short, you get out of your hard drive what you put in it. Both are reliable brands of hard drives. However, the reliability is more dependent on the individual product than the brand.

But in reality, WD is generally considered to have a better reputation in reliability because its products are less likely to fail due to mechanical reasons. In contrast, Seagate suffers from a higher incidence of faulty hard drives.



Warranty of the hard drive is also essential to keep your mind at peace. Warranty determines how long the manufacturer will cover the device and the data stored on it for any damages or problems that may arise. Western Digital and Seagate both offer 3years of limited warranty. However, it depends on the products you must check before purchasing any hard drive.


Choosing the right external hard drive for your needs can be a time-consuming process. But many factors should be considered when selecting an external hard drive, including storage capacity, data transfer speeds, and reliability. Choosing between a WD and Seagate external hard drive depends on your needs.

Seagate is the better option if you need good storage space. However, if you need a fast data transfer speed, then WD is the better choice. And if you’re looking for a reliable hard drive, then again, WD is the better solution. So, it comes down to what you require and what you’re willing to pay for.

WD vs Seagate External Hard Drives FAQs

Which hard drive lasts the longest?

There is no specific answer which drives last longest, but it depends on your usage. The best way to maximize a drive’s lifespan is by preventing it from getting too hot since heat produces slower seeks and shortens the life of magnetic storage devices.

Are Seagate drives reliable?

Yes. Seagate is a reliable company that has been in the industry for decades and continues to make quality storage drives.

Is Seagate good for gaming?

Seagate is perfect for gaming because it offers high-capacity hard drives that are also quite fast. That means you can save all your games on one drive without having to worry about data loss or speed limitations.

Is a 7200 RPM HDD good?

It depends on the type of workload. The faster spin speeds are better if you mainly read or write operations. In contrast, slower spin speeds may be optimum for mixed-activity tasks like gaming, video streaming, and multitasking. So, yes, a 7200RMP HDD is perfect in most cases.

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